Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boogie Wipes **GIVEAWAY**

It's time for yet another Boogie Wipes giveaway!! Instead of the typical Rafflecopter giveaway, I thought I'd try something new.

I have said many many times that Boogie Wipes are awesome. They are AMAZING!! They soothe sore noses, remove crusty mucus, and smell amazingly great!

But, did you know they do MORE than just that??? They are also awesome for removing food and pen/marker off your kids, work well as baby wipes in a pinch, and are even great for your pets! Have a pet with a leaky eye? Use a Boogie Wipe to get the crud off. Does your cat smell like he's been playing in his litter box? Use a Boogie Wipe to clean his paws off! I use them on my kitten's eyes, nose, paws, and even his ears.
He is much more tolerant of the Boogie Wipes than hairbows!

So, on to the contest details. Post a pic to my Facebook page of your child at their messiest. Spaghetti dinner? Finger painting? Mud bathing? Anything! Let me know what they were messy with, and how long it took to clean them up. If you want to include a post-clean-up pic in the comment of your post, that would be great! 

Contest starts Tuesday, February 3rd at Midnight EST and will continue until 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 10th. Winner will be announced by Wednesday, February 12th. Winner will be chosen by my individual Boogie Wipes team, Boogie Busters. We are taking into consideration the biggest mess, and the hardest clean up. So, let's get to it! Good luck to all!!

Prize pack:

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