Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Hurricane Sandy threatened to take our Halloween away from us. While I am so sad for those that were majorly affected, I am happy that it wasn't us. We were fortunate. Last year, Hurricane Irene hit my hometown in a way that will never be forgotten. People lost their homes, their jobs, and some people lost their pets. I am not 100% sure, but I don't believe anyone lost their lives. Hurricane Irene also wiped out an entire pet store. Many animals died. It was a HUGE mistake on their part, one that would cost them a lot of their customers. When they reopened, they decided they wouldn't have animals at that location any more. Wise decision. Though nothing too severe happened in my neck of the woods with Hurricane Sandy, I am happy to know that if it were serious, there would be no innocent animals suffering because no one bothered to save them.

Now, onto Halloween. It's likely going to be cold tonight, so I'm not 100% sure what we'll be doing. We've been going to the mall to Trick Or Treat, only because it's well-lit, inside (and warm), and safer than being on the streets. However, my aunt has invited us up to go Trick Or Treating in her neighborhood, and to just hang out and be with family. We are definitely going to be going up there because it's family, and I love spending time with family. Plus, my dad will be there. My kids absolutely adore my father. He is fantastic with them. I seriously couldn't ask for a better grandfather for my kids.

But first, we have a school parade for AJ. His parade is at 1:45 which means hubby will have to come home for lunch, and I will have to drive him back to work so that I can have the car to go to his school. Once there, we watch all the classes come out, one at a time, do their 2 or 3 laps around the gym, then another does the same, until all classes have paraded around. AJ is dressed as a SWAT team member. It was the only costume I could find at a decent price on Amazon that was in his size. It's kind of cheaply made, but he loves it, so it's a win-win deal. After the parade, then it's home for us to wait for Sofia. Then we wait until daddy gets done at work. Pick him up, come home, get dressed, then head up to my aunts house. Busy busy day today.

Pics will be posted later! I don't want to ruin the surprise of G's costume. Ange was already sent pics, I couldn't hide them from her. 


Just as a reminder:

Monday, October 29, 2012

You do WHAT still?!?!?!

That's usually the first thing people say when they hear that I still nurse G. At 14 months old, she is still breastfed on demand. She eats some solids, but not much. She nurses more. Why? Because she wants to. I have no intentions of weaning her any time soon. I plan on letting her wean when she's ready. I figure she'll be ready before she walks down the aisle. 

"She's too big!"

"She's walking!"

"She has teeth!"

"There's no point!"

"There's no benefit to her any more!"

"She's too old!"

None of the above reasons are good enough to wean. Who says she's too big? Who care if she's walking?! Teeth? That doesn't mean anything at all. There's no point, or no benefit to her- since when? Did my milk turn the day she turned one? If that's true, then broccoli, peas, carrots, etc aren't good for us anymore, right? It must be true. As for her being 'too old', that's simply a matter of opinion. To me, a one year old is still very much a baby. 

Why is it that in our culture, breastfeeding is seen as taboo? Why are people offended by women feeding their babies? Why is it considered gross? Why is it acceptable to scoff and make faces? To suggest we feed our babies in the bathroom? To put a blanket over their faces? Would you want to eat your lunch in the bathroom? Would you want to put a blanket over your head? Especially if it were hot out! No! You wouldn't. Why make our babies do the same?

I nurse out in public. Without a cover. If I even tried to cover up, she would make such a huge fuss that everyone would know what we were doing. 9 times out of 10, no one knows that I'm feeding her. They think she's asleep in my arms. Unless, of course, she's doing her Toddler Gymnurstics and trying to put her toes in my nose silly And even then, people just think she's being a toddler and crawling around. 

I've been fortunate to not be met with a ton of criticism. Sure, I've had my share. I've heard all of the 'reasons' above, but it doesn't impact my decision. My decision isn't going to scar my child, or impact her negatively. In fact, it will help to secure our bond, give her nutrients she can't/won't get from food, will help her immunity, and so much more. Yes, she bites me. But it doesn't happen all the time. She sticks her fingers in my mouth and nose far more than she bites. She doesn't yet talk, so she can't necessarily ask for it. She does, however, stick her hands down my shirt or try to lift it. Baby girl knows what she wants. And she knows she will get it when she wants, regardless of where we are. 

I don't expect everyone to understand. I'm not asking for you to. In other cultures, women breastfeed up until their children are 7. Personally, I don't understand that, and think it's far too long. But it's not my place to judge. I don't have to understand why. But I do support them. It's their choice. Their kids, their breasts, their decisions. All I know is there is no way in hell I would say something negative to this mom:
And I'm even less exposed than she is!

I don't demand you to cheer me on. We've had more struggles than most, and we're still going strong. We have used formula briefly, so I am not against formula entirely. We also use donor milk (that's an entirely different issue!). Gianna is alive, and thriving, and the healthiest she has ever been. Of course I only want what's best for her. And for us, that means breastfeeding for as long as she wants to. 

You can either support me, or stay out of my shirt. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Since Frankenstorm is threatening our Halloween festivities, we will be attending a Trunk or Treat this afternoon. There is only about an hour until it starts, but I am a serious procrastinator, so we will not be getting ready until 2:45 then scrambling to be out of here by 3. 

What is Trunk Or Treat, you ask? Well, it's simply the kids going around to cars with their trunks open in a designated safe place. No scary neighborhoods, no big kids threatening to steal candy, just a safe place for the kids to get candy. This year, it's in a church parking lot. Well, it's supposed to be. But, because of the rain, it will be inside the gym. I am 100% okay with this. It means I can let my kids run around in a safe, supervised area.

There are a few other things going on today as well- Walmart is having a Trick-or-treat walk-around. I believe a grocery store nearby is doing one as well. On Wednesday, provided that Sandy doesn't ruin everything, we will be going to my aunts and walking around her neighborhood. If Sandy does make that impossible, we will likely be hitting the mall. If we can make it up there. I'm hoping we're able to do something. The kids will be devastated if we can't. 

Here's to hoping Sandy isn't a complete bitch.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Some good news!

We had a follow up appt with G's doctor today. We can stop the Amoxicillin because her lungs sound better, and we can cut back on the Albuterol. We do still need to use it, just not every 4-6 hours like before. We now do a combined treatment of Albuterol and Pulmicort twice a day. My baby is finally feeling better!! It wont be for long, I'm afraid. Poor G is always sick. We have about 3 days a month where she's healthy and not sick. All of the receptionists at the pediatricians know us by name. As soon as we walk in, they look up and say "You're all checked in.", no need to stand there and wait for them to open the window and ask for name, bday, etc. They know us.

Sassy pants waiting for Dr. N:

I've also been working hard today to contact a few companies to see if they'd be willing to do a review/giveaway. I'm excited to say that one company has responded so far, but that was only to ask me to email them my information. That's alright, it's a start!! 

Short blog today. Pizza is here, and I am STARVING!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oops, she did it again.

No, not Britney Spears. My daughter. The 9 year old. 

I recently blogged about how she's been sneaking behind my back and texting random people. You can read it here. I didn't go into detail there, but she was joining 'communities' within the TextPlus app. From those communities, she was making "friends" and texting them. I told her that I did not want to see that again, or else she would no longer have her iPod. 

Last night, due to misbehaving at a restaurant, she is grounded from her iPod for today. You can read that one here. Well, imagine my surprise as I look through her TextPlus app to make sure she has been following my rules. I laughed a bit as I told Ange that she had her signature as AMyBabysittersAVampireFan. Well, at least, that's what I thought it was. In fact, she had recently changed it to "The name's Sofia". I have already warned her about telling people her name. Part of her user name on that app is SYD. Yes, those are her initials, but for all anyone knows, her name could have been Sydney. There was no need for a signature like that. I went in the settings and turned the signature line off. We would be discussing this. 

But hold on. That's not the worst of it! She's been texting someone else!!! No idea who she is, if she really is a she. For all we know, it could be a grown man, preying on innocent children. Or, not so innocent children. We just don't know, and we can't be too careful. I did message the girl and said "Who are you?". No response yet.

But hold on still. That is STILL not the worst! Are you ready for this one? She's been texting her friend from down the street. They're the same age, and in the same class. This is the message between the two of them that I found:
S: If you are coming now, tell my mom that we are gonna study and when we are done, we will hang out
L: ok. Be there in a sec.
S: Kay, and bring your home work so mom thinks it's believe able and bring your words. I forgot mine.

Looks like I have a new iPod. Anyone know of any good music??

Oh, and before I forget, I changed her signature line. It now reads "ImInTrouble4Lying2MyMom". Yes, I really did that. Ask Ange.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dinner time fail

First off, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, S!!! Thank you for letting us be a part of it and celebrating with you!

Now, on to the fail:
Since we were celebrating a birthday, and this would count as a party, S's family paid for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse. The kids loved that you could shell a peanut and just throw it on the floor. No garbage, just toss it to the floor. That was the biggest hit. They also loved that it wasn't too awfully busy and they could scream at the top of their lungs and fight the whole time. No, I'm not making it up. 

always make my expectations clear to my kids before we get to where we're going. I usually state them 3 or 4 times. Before we left the house, I told them that we were going, and they were to behave- no screaming, no fighting, inside voices, no whining, no crying, use manners. I said it again when we were in the car buckling up. And when we got to Texas Roadhouse. I said them again before we got out. Once again, I told them I wanted nothing but their best behavior, or there WILL be consequences. They always agree, and promise that they will behave.

So, why was I surprised that today would be any different? Well, for one, I thought that since it was a new restaurant and the fact that we weren't alone would be the reason they behave. Apparently, we're beyond the "I don't know if they'll still accept me if I act up" phase. My kids are now 100% comfortable with K and R to be themselves. Not to mention, when you through another child in the mix, they're all going at it. Sofia, AJ, and birthday boy were kicking each other, pulling hair, yelling, throwing peanuts, blowing the blower toys thingies at each other, whining, going under the table, then back up, under, up, under, up, etc. I warned my kids. I warned again. After an hour of them jumping around, yelling, generally disobeying, I gave up. That's it. I threw out the first punishment. No PS3 for AJ tomorrow, and for Sofia? No iPod tomorrow. Cue tears "But it's not fair!! Why? What did I do?!" Excuse me? What DIDN'T you do?? Yes, I am 100% serious. There will be no games tomorrow. And, if you continue, I will extend your punishment to Friday as well. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Please don't! I'll behave, I promise!!" and guess what? They did. For the most part. 

Kids will be kids, I know this. But when you're too busy playing to eat? No, that's not going to happen. We will not be going out to eat for a long time. I can tolerate the running around at McDs. I can tolerate it at Chuck E. Cheese. I cannot, and WILL NOT, tolerate it in a sit-down restaurant. No matter how casual they are. 

On the plus side, S loved the presents we got him. Little LANARD toys. Walmart sells them. And they're CHEAP!! $5 for a pack of 3 action figures and a vehicle. R says they're great quality, and none of them have broken yet. S and AJ played with them for the last 20 minutes we were there. It was the only time they were really quiet. I think we found what we're getting AJ for Christmas. He loses and breaks so many toys, that $5 for 3 is a great deal. 

So, now that the day is over, the kids are in bed, and I am exhausted, I think I will be taking my self to bed soon. I just have a few more things to do, and I will be able to sleep like a baby- unrestful, and awake every 1 to 2 hours. Yes, G still wakes often. As soon as I can convince her to stay asleep in her bed all night, I'm sure I'll sleep better. Until then, I remain an exhausted zombie. No worries, I am used to it. Been this way for 9+ years. *sigh* G'night!!

I can't imagine what today's going to bring

AJ has been up since 6ish. When I got up at 7:30, he was running around all over the place, hyper as usual. My husband looked exhausted as he was leaving for work. It was a struggle before school again today. He's sneaking money. Granted, it's his own, but he's trying to bring it to school without my permission. He was bringing it for ice cream. In Kindergarten, they have ice cream day once a week. His class's day is Thursday. I reminded him of that, and he had a fit. Which reminded me to give him his medication. I gave him his pill, then wrote in his notebook to his teacher: "Rough morning. He's mouthy and overly emotional today. Hope he's calm by the time he gets to school." Hopefully he behaves for her. 

AJ used to take MMA classes. He met a little boy in his class and has become good friends with him. He has a little sister who is just a week younger than my G. We go over to their house so the kiddos can play together, or she comes over here with her daughter so Gianna and A can play together while the bigger kids are in school. We also meet up at the mall so that they can play in the play area there. Tonight, we're going out to dinner with them. It is the little boys birthday. He is turning 5. I'd hate to cancel because it's not a huge party. It's just them and us. But if AJ continues to act up, I'm afraid I'm going to have to. Or, I'll just leave him at home with Dad. He can't come as he has prior obligations. But that would be the ideal situation if he continues to act up. 

As of right now, G and I have some cleaning up to do, and waiting around. Someone is supposed to come to repair our couch. Because AJ jumps on it when he's upset, some of the seams have come out, and the stuffing is spilling out. We also are supposed to be meeting someone so they can buy some clothes from us. I did not even get the clothes together yet. Oye. Busy day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another day, another tantrum

My 5 year old has ADHD and ODD. I've mentioned it before, but I've never gone into details. We are still in the trial-and-error phase for medicating. I don't think what's he on now is helping any, so I need to make another appointment to talk to his pediatrician. Either a change of medication, or a higher dose is needed. We're currently on 5mg of Adderall. Not the extended release, just plain old regular Adderall. We also think his metabolism is so high because he seems to burn it off within an hour. He's also on .1mg of Clonidine at night to help him calm down and sleep. Without that, he's up until 1, 2, even 3 in the morning. 

Anyways, today was just an awful day. I knew it was going to be rough when he woke up this morning and didn't want to get dressed. He refused to leave my room. When I finally got him out, he refused to go in his room. Well, that's just fine. There just so happens to be a basket of clothes in the play room that I never did bring up to his room. He can fish through that to find pants and a long sleeve shirt. Nope, he refused. He wants clothes from his room. UGH FINE! There wouldn't be a struggle if he were to just do what I asked him the first time. That's his ODD. I know better. He can't help it. But it doesn't make it any easier. I am not a morning person, and all this frustration makes it 10 times worse. 

So, he finally goes in his room to get dressed. I hear his drawers open and close, over and over. He's debating between real pants or PJ pants. This is a battle I'm willing to give up. As long as he's dressed appropriately for the weather, I don't care what it is. Today is cold and rainy. Finally he comes out and says "I'm wearing shorts since I don't have any pants in my drawer." Umm, excuse me? No. You are not. You will take your behind downstairs, and you will get pants on. It is far too cold for shorts. Commence battle. "I don't WANNA go downstairs! I wanna wear shorts. It's not too cold. I'm really hot." Whine whine whine (anyone have any cheese to go with his whine??). Continue this for another 20 minutes. More tears, threats that he's going to run away, I'm the worst mother in the history of the world, blah blah blah. Yep, I know. I'm just downright awful. So, I do what every other horrible mom does. I let him put shorts on, and I sent him outside. He barely made it out the door. "IT'S TOO COLD FOR SHORTS!!!! I WANT PANTS!" Yeah, that is EXACTLY what I thought. Brat.

In he comes. He immediately starts to whine about how he doesn't want to take off his shoes, and then his shorts, then put pants on, then put his shoes on again. Here we go again. "Hey, AJ. Remember when I told you it was too cold for shorts, and you didn't listen? Well, you agree with me, right? Okay. So, I need you to please get some pants on right now. You have 10 minutes before your bus comes, and we still need to read your book. Please get them on NOW." There he goes, storming into the playroom. More whining and muttering under his breath about how awful I am. Yeah yeah, just get dressed. Battle to dress quickly, battle to read, battle to get shoes on. Not just get them on, but put them on the right feet. And so on. It was just a battle-riffic morning whatevah

Fast forward almost 8 hours later. AJs bus pulls up, and I already hear him outside screaming and crying. Oh no. What happened now? Did he get in trouble at school? Did the bus driver or monitor yell at him? Was another kid mean to him? No, nothing like that. Maybe he fell and got hurt? Nope. Not even close. So, what was it? He didn't zip his sweater up before getting off the bus. He was hysterically crying over that. Oh geez. That means tonight is going to be downright AWFUL!! The door flings open, he storms in, tears pouring down his face. I asked what happened, that's when he told me about his sweater. I assure him that it's really not a big deal. No need to cry about it. He insists that it's a big deal, but he doesn't know why. Time to relax. I already feel myself tensing up. Not to mention, he decided Sofia was in 'his' seat. That was an entirely different battle. Crying and screaming. Fighting in my ear. I sent him up to his room to relax a bit.

10 minutes later, he comes down. We talk about it. He's upset still. He's just very overwhelmed. Very tired, very emotional. As he's downstairs playing with his sisters, he's yelling. He's yelling at me, yelling at the girls, yelling at himself. He can't stay still. He can't be quiet. He just can't do anything at this point. I sent him back to his room to calm down again. Once he's relaxed, we try again. This time, dad was finally home. He's a different child around daddy. No idea why. Daddy doesn't hit. He doesn't yell. He often deflects things to me. But AJ is still very tense. He's trying to help dad with the groceries, but is too hyper to be able to focus on what needs to go where. He just throws things and runs. Not what we need/want. 

AJ's behavior often gets the best of him. He doesn't want to act like this. He tells me all the time that he doesn't mean to be like that, but he just cannot help it. And I'm at a loss on what to do. We're working so hard to help him. It's such a struggle. One day, he's doing well with only minor issues. The next day, he's downright awful. Every thing makes him cry, which in turn makes me cry because I'm so flustered. I feel like an awful mom, and there are days where I cannot stand to be around him. And that makes me feel worse. But the cold, hard truth is, it's no walk in the park. He's a mess. I'm a mess. Together, we're an even bigger mess. 

At any rate, dinner time is a disaster. We didn't do anything big or special. Chicken nuggets. It was an easy night, or so I thought. He proceeded to whine the whole time. They were too cold. Too hot. Didn't taste right. Needed ketchup. Too much ketchup. You name it. Then he needed a drink because his mouth was on fire. Then too dry. It was just one thing after another. After dinner, he wanted a snack. I told him, as I do every single night, that once he has his snack, that's it for the night. There's nothing else to eat after that. So if he's still hungry, he better let me know so I can get him some more food. He says no, he's not hungry, he just wants his snack. Okay. He has his snack (pudding), then says, as he's shoveling the last spoonful in his mouth, "Oh man. I mean, I still am hungry. I need more food." Umm, no. Nice try. We do this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And I am not exaggerating. Too bad, so sad. You ate your snack, you're done. PJs, teeth, bed. Let's go. Cue tears. He's starving and he's going to shrivel away in his sleep from starvation. I assure him that he wont, and see him upstairs to the bathroom. Whines throughout the teeth brushing. Fighting with Sofia over who's going to rinse their toothbrush first. Fighting over who gets to use the toilet first. Then it's a race down the stairs to say good night to dad first. Unbelievable. AJ might have ADHD and ODD, but Sofia is such an instigator. She knows his triggers and pulls them every chance she can. And she smirks about it, so I know damn well she knows what she's doing. 

Finally, good nights are said. Into bed he goes. I tuck him in, he whines that he's too hot for a shirt. I tell him since he wants his fan on, he needs to leave it on. But if he's really hot, I'll just put the one thin sheet over him. He says he can't sleep with just one sheet. I put his blankie on top of that. He's happy. We go through our bedtime sayings "No yelling, no screaming, no talking, no playing. Right to sleep. Very good. Good boy." and give him his 3 kisses. He gives me my 3 kisses back. For once today, he is happy. He has his Pooh Bear that Grammy bought him when he was an itty bitty, and he has his blankie that he swiped from his cousin. Without either of those, he can't sleep. I turn on his Fisher Price Aquarium. The soft lights and quiet music get him in his comfortable sleeping zone. As I walk out the room, I turn back, blow him a kiss, and say "I love you. I will see you in the morning." then together, we say "Stay in your bed. Stay away from the toys and the doors." Another goodnight, and out I go. Leaving the door opened just a bit, I sigh and smile. Today is finally over. The frustrations are gone. The anger. The tantrums. The cries. The whines. The whole day is just done. 

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is less full of drama. And in case it's not, I can always look forward to an earlier bed time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I decided to cloth diaper.

When G was about 5 months old, I started looking into cloth diapers. The ones I was looking at were cute, and not at all what I thought they were. I remembered flat pieces of white cloth, pins, and plastic covers. Not these super cute pocket diapers with all these super cute designs on them! All the colors! The pictures! The different brands! The different styles!! Pockets were not the only ones. Oh no, there are pockets, All In Ones (AIOs), All In Twos (AI2s), fitteds, and flats and prefolds and covers. So many different ones! Where do I start?!

It was too overwhelming, so I held off. But I kept finding myself drawn to them more and more. I was Googling information, looking up what might work for us, researching brands, figuring out costs. I spent a LOT of time deciding if this was going to worth it. A friend told me that a cloth diaper shop only an hour away from me had a loaner program for moms on WIC. If you received WIC, all you had to do was bring in your ID card, and they would give you a stash of diapers to last you at least 2 days. They loaned you all different kinds so that you could see what you liked best. SCORE!! We receive WIC. So, I took the hour drive, got my stash, got home, and jumped right in. My intentions were to only cloth diaper while we were home. I still planned on using disposables while out and at night. I wasn't quite ready to make that commitment to use them full time. 

I could not get the hang of the fitteds and flats/prefolds/covers. No matter what I did, she leaked right out of them. They just were not the diaper for us. That seriously limited me on how long I'd be able to cloth diaper her while even home. I did discover, however, that I absolutely loved the pocket diapers in that loaner set. I also loved the AIOs. The next day, I washed up all the diapers, and prepared to make the hour long drive back to the store. I was going to return them, and purchase my own set of pockets and AIOs.

When I got there, I was easily overwhelmed. I looked into it, doing what I thought was adequate research. I thought I was going to go in, know exactly what I want, and get it. When I was there getting the loaner set, I did not look around. But now that I was here to return the loaner set and purchase my own, I was overwhelmed. It was like the whole store was spinning. It's not a huge store, either, so it wasn't like there were aisles upon aisles upon aisles. It's just that I was there in person, with many different choices, instead of looking at them on the computer. I needed help. Luckily, the girls there are VERY friendly. They took their time helping me to understand what I wanted, and what I should try first. They also understood that I was making the switch because it's cheaper. I am not working, G has health issues, so we were looking to save money in every possible way. This was my way.

They showed me the gently-used section. Gross, I originally thought. Why would I use a diaper that another baby used?? The germs! The thought of it! How disgusting!! Until they showed them to me. There were no stains. They looked brand new still! I was informed that as long as the wash routine I used was effective, it would eliminate stains and germs to be sanitary and not disgusting. I was game. Used diapers were cheaper than new. So, I bought a few. I'm not 100% sure exactly what I bought that first time, but I do know that's when I met my first Swaddlebee Simplex diaper, and FELL IN LOVE! It had giraffes on it. That was why I bought it. Not because of the style, or the absorbency. I was brand new to this cloth diapering, so I didn't know. I just saw the giraffes, and HAD TO HAVE IT. This was the beginning of my addiction.

Over the next few months, I've bought more and more. All different kinds- Kawaii pockets, BumGenius 4.0 pockets, BG Elemental, Alva, Sunbaby, Mac-A-Doodle, and even more Simplexes. They are my absolute favorites. I now buy all of G's diapers used, and we have built up quite the stash. I'm in the process of mainstreaming. I'd like to have our stash mainly AIOs, with just a few pockets. I'm not exactly sure that we've saved any money, though. It's actually quite addicting, and I find myself looking for more things to sell so that I can have enough money to buy more. 

We now cloth diaper full time. All day, every day. I do diaper laundry every other day, or every 3 days. I use BG 4.0s at night, double stuffed, and we haven't had a leak. I find that the cloth diapers hold in poop much better than sposies. As a matter of fact, every time I put a sposie on her, she poops through it. It gets all over. When she's in fluff, it's contained nicely. The diapers I buy her are one size, so they will fit her until she's potty trained. I don't have to worry about her outgrowing the diapers before I use them all like with sposies. When we're done with them, I can resell them for about 75% what I paid. That means that the Kawaii's that I buy for $10, I can sell them for $7.50. Provided that they're still in good condition. So, at the end of our diapering career, I'll have a nice chunk of change from all the diapers. It'll work out to paying maybe $4-5 per diaper over the years. Not too shabby!! Not to mention, if there is ever another baby (hubby says no more!), then these diapers will get us through that baby as well. Saving us even more money. 

There are worse things than cloth diapers to be addicted to. It could be drugs or alcohol instead. But, I chose to feed into my addiction for diapers. They're cute. They're practical. They're worth it.

Do you use cloth? Have you ever? Would you consider it? Why or why not?

Simplex 6G at 6 months old in her Simplex 2.0. This is the diaper that held in a massive poopsplosion. This diaper sealed the deal on deciding to use cloth while out and about as well.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did I mention that I hate football?

I know, I know. How unAmerican of me, huh? Well, it's 100% true. In my house, football season is full of loud shouts, tempers flying, curse words spewed (more so than usual), it's just awful. My husband is a HUGE Patriots fan. Which means he absolutely HATES the Giants. Me? I don't care either way. I learn more towards the Dolphins. Why? Because my father is a Dolphins fan, so as a child, I would route for them. Now, I just love the colors.

As you probably know, the Giants have now beaten the Pats twice in the Super Bowl. Well, twice in a row. My husband was NOT happy at all. And every time they play together, he swears up and down that he will never watch football again if they lose. As a matter of fact, they don't even have to play against each other. If the Pats lose ANY game, he's mad. If the Giants win ANY game, they "cheated". Whatever. I couldn't care any less than I do now.

As an example of his dislike of the Giants, we'll take today's game. Giants versus Redskins. Redskins WERE winning. Sometime within the last minute of the game, the Giants got a TD. Guess it was the winning touchdown. Anyways, Cruz started doing his little celebratory dance. What does hubby do? He sits up quickly, turns to me, and yells "Change the channel! Right now! That's ridiculous. Change it!!!" So, I change it to CBS to wait for his Pats game. As the commercials were on, he sat in the chair, mumbling and grumbling about how Cruz should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. That is one thing I DO know about football- that "practice" was banned. But whatever. I still don't understand how they can deem something excessive. Isn't every one's idea different? If they got a touchdown and just put both arms up in victory, my hubby would say that was excessive. That's how much he loathes them.

On the other hand, we're now watching Pats game. Jets got the first touchdown of the game, he was pissed. Yelling, shouting, grumbling, all that. Pats quickly follow suit, and now the score is tied. Here's hubby in his chair "YEAH!!! GO GO GO GOOOOOOO!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, BABY!! YEAH!" Whether they win or lose, I'll hear all about this game until the next one. Then I'll hear about how unfair every thing is. Whether they make it to the Super Bowl or not. And then I'll hear all about it in the off-season. Did I mention that I hate football? As proof that I don't pay mind to football, ever- I had no idea that the Pats actually had people dressed up as patriots at their touchdown area. Hubby informed me that they also have cannons and that they shoot them off. That's new to me. 

Whether I hate football or not, I still support my "favorite" teams- the Dolphins and the Patriots. I buy Dolphins things for my father for Christmas- wallet, mugs, things for his car, etc. I buy Pats stuff for my husband- wallet, clothing, even custom made cloth diapers for G so daddy can get her excited about football. Also, because that's one less thing I have to hear him complain about. Sure honey, I'll root for the Patriots. Just shut up when there's no game on, k?

Friday, October 19, 2012

I am so drained

I took G to the doctors earlier today. Our appointment was for 10:00. I got there at 9:45, and we sat in the waiting room until 10:40. Our doctor is amazing, and he's well liked by everyone. When people call to make appointments at that office, they ask for him. Dr N was my pediatrician as a kid, and I am happy to be able to have him as my children's pediatrician now. Apparently, everyone else thinks as highly of his as I do, too. We were a 'squeeze in', so I knew it would take some time to be seen. I hoped that by getting there early, that we would have been squeezed in earlier. Oh well.

It came down to Dr N determining that G has bronchitis, and she likely has an infection in her lungs, which is why her cough is so yucky, and why she isn't getting any better while on the Albuterol. So, she is now on Amoxicillin for 10 days, Pulmicort for about a week (twice a day), and still the Albuterol (3-4 times a day). We go back in a week to see if she's any better. Thank God her spleen is okay, so we don't have to worry about that just yet. 

I am so drained with G being so sick all the time. The bills are starting to stack up. I can't get a job because there's no one who can watch G that has the knowledge of her condition. I'm doing all I can to save money. I am so physically drained as well. I am exhausted, tired, sick, depressed, etc. I need my baby girl healthy, and I need all these stresses taken away. I just need help. I need someone to come and help me with my kids so I don't lose my temper. I need someone to help me keep this house picked up. I don't even have the energy to pick up the toys after the kids play with them. And they know I don't have the energy to chase them down to pick it up themselves so they know they can get away with it. I haven't cooked dinner in, well ... I have no idea how long. I'm just lacking all motivation for everything. I'm tired of friends and family coming over to supposedly help, but all they want is something out of it. "Oh hi! I wanted to stop by and see the kids. I missed them so much! By the way, got something to eat? I'm starving. Oh, and there's a stain on my shirt. Can you wash it?"

NO! I can't do any of that! I'm too tired. For once, I would love someone to come over and say "Hi! I wanted to come over and see you and the kids. Do you need anything? You look like you could use a nap. Why don't you take one while I watch the kids. I'll even wash the dishes for you and make dinner. I'll make sure the kids pick up their toys, too." Okay, maybe I'm asking for too much. But I need a little bit of help, seriously. Financially, emotionally, physically, etc. What's the number to Super Nanny??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sickness in our household

Ugh, all of the girls are sick in my house. S, G, and me. It's awful, and there's nothing we can do but let it run it's course. I have cleaned my fair share of puke and other nastiness. Sadly, I know G will get hit again once it courses through the boys. She's always sick. With a weakened immune system, it's bound to happen. In the meantime, I'm going to rest and hope that I feel better in the AM. I am starving, but too afraid to eat still. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to keep something down. 

I just started this blog, and am already amazed by how many views I've had on the posts, and that I will now have had 2 posts be on Momaroo's front page. This is exciting for me. I want to get out there more, and hopefully be able to do some reviews on products I love, and products my readers enjoy. Do you have something you just can't live without? Let me know in the comments! Tell me what it is, and why you love it so. Maybe I'll find something new that I haven't yet discovered and will love myself. Child-related or not. 

I look forward to seeing your ideas in the AM!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's my page, so why do I feel so restricted?

I apologize ahead of time. This is going to be long because I need some place to vent.

Facebook is supposed to be my page, right? Well, my profile, anyways. I have the mouth of a sailor, but because I have family on my FB, I try not to curse. I might slip and write something mild, but I try to avoid the F word at all costs (unless I'm on Ange's wall winky). But now I feel like I have to sensor myself further. I am VERY pro-breastfeeding, and encourage it at every opportunity. I am VERY into car seat safety. As for circumcision? I'll leave that for an entire paragraph on it's own. I do CIO, but a different version. I believe in bedsharing. I like to wear my baby when I can. I cloth diaper. I have a specific way I do things, and I feel like I can't share anything like that on MY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE!! So, instead, I'll share it here.

Recently, a very good friend informed me that she was offended by my breastfeeding posts and links and whatnot. Maybe offended isn't the word. We talked it out, she let me know her feelings in a respectable way. She didn't tell me I was wrong, she supported me. But she was bothered by it. And it wasn't just me. It was other people on her friends list. But she and I are still good friends. But other people? Complain complain complain. Why?? It's my page. Don't like it? Unfriend me! Or hide my posts. I don't care. Better yet, come and talk to me. Not in an accusatory way. But let me know your feelings. Perhaps ask me to change my settings so you don't have to see those posts. I am an adult. I can handle it, I promise. I must also add that even though I am very pro-breastfeeding, I am NOT anti-formula. All 3 of my kids had formula. I even stocked up before Gianna was born, anticipating a breastfeeding fail like with Sofia and AJ. She had formula 1 to 3 times a day, depending on if I had to work, or if she was going through a growth spurt. So, I am not against it. Entirely. I'm just amazed that people find it "just as good" as breast milk. Fact is, it isn't. Formula doesn't change to adapt to your baby's changing needs. But regardless, it's there for moms/babies who need it. And again, I'm okay with it. Sofia and AJ were exclusively formula fed around 3ish months. And they're alive, and healthy.

As for car seat safety, it's one of my biggest issues. I can't tell you how many parents use theirs incorrectly. Car seats do NOT belong on the seat of a shopping cart. This is in the manual of EVERY car seat. Either put the baby in the basket of the cart, wear your baby, or use the stroller. It really isn't that hard to do. Did I ever put my kids on the top? Yes, before I knew better. But I took the time to look into everything more carefully as I became more experienced as a mother. I learned the way the straps should be in the seat (at or below shoulders for rear facing, at or above for forward). I believe in extended rear facing. G is 13 months and still in her infant seat, rear facing. She will be rear facing for a longggg time. Well, until she is at least 3. I believe in using the correct seats until they're mature enough to sit without one. That means that my 5 year old is still in a 5 point harness. We have tried a booster with him. He won't sit back, and he doesn't stay still. The harness seat is what I need to keep him safe. My 9 year old is still in a booster. Also, the chest clip on every seat is just that- a CHEST clip. Not a belly, or a neck, clip. Chest. Should be at armpit level. Check it, and check it every time you buckle your child in. Coats do not belong in the car seat. Use a blanket. 

CIO- I don't like the idea of my child screaming and crying, thinking that I've just up and left them. G was a year when I even considered starting. She was old enough to understand that, just because she couldn't see me, it didn't mean that I was gone for good. And I went back in often to lay her back down, rub her back, or nurse her again. We still do it. We start the night out in her bed, and she finishes in my bed. We are okay with this. It works for us. We even bought a king size bed so that there would be room for all 3 of us. Not to mention, AJ likes to join us at about 4 (by then, his meds wear off, and he needs the security of us). I still use my pillows, G has her own, and we use blankets. I don't sleep with a knife in the bed like the commercials want you to think. It's not dangerous. I don't drink or do drugs. I don't take sleeping meds. G is old enough to roll over and move freely if something were obstructing her. I've woken up to a slap to the face, or a pinch on the arm, because I had my arm over her, or I was laying on her legs. 

As for baby wearing and cloth diapering, it is just something new to me, and something I enjoy. The diapers are cute, I don't have to worry about running out of diapers at 4 AM because of my baby having diarrhea and going through them all. I don't have to worry about increasing costs because of the plant in Japan blowing up. And I don't have to worry about her outgrowing a size before we use them all. I buy cute, one size cloth diapers. They will fit her until she's potty trained. Not to mention, once we're done with them, I can sell them for 75% of what I paid. It might be a hefty cost upfront, but by the time we're done using them and we resell them, we're looking at paying MAYBE $100 total for diapering. I think we see the real reason why I cloth diaper. Because I'm cheap lol We also use cloth wipes, and I make my own wipe solution. Talk about saving tons of money!

Okay, now the topic that seems to be a hot button for nearly everyone. Circumcision. I stand on the fence on this one. AJ is circ'd. If G had been a boy, he would have likely been circ'd as well. Why? Because that's just what is normal to me. My infant did not experience any pain or discomfort during the process. How do I know? I was there. He slept through the whole thing. No, he did not pass out from shock. He was asleep when I carried him to the room, and he stayed asleep while I laid him down. He stayed asleep while his diaper was removed, while lidocaine was applied, and so on. When I say I made sure he was numb, I meant it. My baby felt nothing. When he woke, I nursed him. Those videos you see on YouTube are sickening. I 100% believe these are the worst of the worst. Maybe some doctors don't use lidocaine. Mine did. This is something that you simply cannot change my mind on. If I happen to have any more kids, and if they are boys, they WILL be circ'd.

What about vaccinations? This is another hot button. If I mention this on my wall, oh man. Forget it. My children are FULLY vaccinated. The only one who has been on a delayed schedule is G. She has a weakened immune system. She is ill often. We try to plan a doctor visit for when she's not so ill so that we can do one or two shots. Some don't hold in her body, others do. So, because of that, we rely on others to be fully vaccinated to keep her healthy. If my baby were to ever get deathly ill from a preventable disease because someone didn't vaccinate, I'm going to go off. I do not put other children at risk, don't put mine. And if you chose to not vaccinate still, please let me know ahead of time. I need to do what's best for my daughter. 

I'm just sick and tired of being ridiculed about my choices. I'm sorry if what I do offends you. I'm sorry that you aren't confident enough in your choices that you feel the need to attack mine. If you're offended with what I post, that is YOUR problem. Not mine. I am not forcing you to look. I am not making you read them. I'm simply doing my part to better educate others. There were PLENTY of mistakes I've made in my years of parenting. I've let car seat straps get too loose. I've put thick coats and snowsuits on my kids in their seats. I put AJ and Sofia forward facing as soon as they hit 1. I've put their car seats on top of the cart. I used disposable diapers and wipes. I still do occasionally. I've put my kids to sleep on their bellies. On their backs. Their sides. Even on the couch. We all make mistakes. The point is, you can learn from others. Those of us who do post often about car seats and vaccines and circumcisions, we only do so because we care. I can appreciate others opinions, even if they differ from my own. What I cannot appreciate is someone telling me I'm wrong for trying to educate people. I never claimed I was an expert. I never said I was better than anyone. I never said that my mothering abilities are superior. I'll admit that there are a ton of people that I personally think should never have kids. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that. All I can do is take the time to post what I know and care about, and maybe those people will actually start to become better parents. Do you think Octomom looks at my wall?

From here on out, I'm going to post what I want. Screw you if you don't like it. Hit the unfriend button. I don't care. The only thing I ask is if it somehow offends you, or it bothers you THAT much, please come to me and tell me. Maybe you have a personal hang up about a specific topic. I can add a list on FB and put you in it, and hide those kinds of posts from you. It's really not that hard.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Super Duper Stoked

I got a message from Momaroo ... they want to put MY BLOG on the front page! Yay me! As a new blogger, I'm so super excited. I've been texting and FB messaging my BFF since I got the message. After whipping out the full name, she FINALLY answered me. (Love you, Ange!!)

So, since I'm super stoked and excited to have new readers/followers, I'm asking YOU to ask me anything you'd like to know! Anything at all. Well, within reason winky

First off, let me say this:
Hi, I'm K. I wear sweats to Walmart so that I can fit in. I don't want to overdress. Then I would stand out like a sore thumb. I also wear socks with sandals I watch Disney and Nickelodeon when my kids aren't home, or are in bed. I also play with my 13 month olds toys when she's in bed. Girlie has more toys than I ever did in my childhood!

Thanks again for reading! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Running on E

"Sleep is for the weak" ... screw that. I enjoy my sleep. Last night, I went to bed at 3 AM. Yes. Three. So technically, this morning. And I woke at 7:30 because little G does not seem to care that Sundays are for sleeping in. The older kids were at Grandma's house, so I couldn't even blame them for waking her. She just decided that 4.5 hours was more than enough for me. Actually, 3 since I woke multiple times. Regardless, no sleep makes for a very not fun mommy. I brought her downstairs at about 8:15ish when I realized that she was NOT trying to go back to sleep. By 9:30, I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. I laid down on the couch, and closed my eyes intending to just rest my eyes. When I woke up about 15 minutes later, G had gotten into a messy diaper and .. well, I'm sure you can figure out what she did. It was not pretty.

We had a play date set up for 12:15, so we got up (or rather, I did), and jumped in the shower. Normally, I hate showering with my kids. They get in the way, they whine, they complain the water is too cold or too hot, etc. Not G. She makes the silliest faces when the water goes over face. She loves to just stand in the water with me. She also helps to wash herself, and my legs and feet. Finished up, got dressed, did my hair, got ready to leave. 
Our local mall has a small area for kids to play in outside of Burlington. It's not huge, but it's great for the kiddos. It's soft, and there are plenty of things to do. My friend met me there with her little girl, A, who is just a week younger than G. They played for over 2 hours while my friend and I talked. About our kids (both of our boys were in MMA class together, which is how we met), about our husbands, about everything. It's nice to have a few hours to do nothing but talk. Adult talk. Not baby talk. They were gone for a week, so we had a bit of catching up to do. After the babies had enough, we went for ice cream, and chatted for another half hour. A has just learned to walk, so she was showing off her walking skills. I love little wobbly first steps. Oh so cute!!! After ice cream, we headed our own separate ways. 

Home for G and I, where hubby was busy making dinner. I enjoy days where there isn't much expected out of me. I feel so run down, so exhausted. I need these days off just as much as someone who works outside of the home. When I left to go get AJ and Sofia, I left G at home. It was nice to have a car ride where there were no kids whining, or crying. Just silence. I was actually able to listen to a whole song uninterrupted. And sing along with it without someone telling me I suck at singing lol 

The kids are eating dinner now, hubby is watching the Pats/Seahawks game (go Pats!), and I am just chilling. Soon, I'll be heading back out to see my friend and her husband. Did I mention they're chiropractors? Oh man. I have no idea why it took me so long to get an adjustment. I love it and feel SO much better afterward. If you don't see one, I suggest you check one out. In the meantime, would you check out my friends' sons FB page? He's 4, and trying to make a difference in our community. It would mean the world to him if more people were supportive of his efforts. I'm not sure how to put a clickable link in here, so you'll have to copy and paste if it isn't clickable.

I cannot wait until bed time. I hope G goes to sleep easily!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Well Played, Karma

Sofia is 9 now. She will be 10 in March. I am not ready for her to grow up. She has an iPod that we bought her for Christmas. I now have to take it from her at night time. The other night, when she had a hard time sleeping, she decided to spend the whole time playing on her iPod. I put the kids to bed around 7:30-8:00. Before I go to bed, I check on them, fix blankets, make sure they aren't too hot nor too cold, etc. At 12:30, she was using her textPlus app to text random people. This does not fly with me. Why? Because I remember IMing random people when I was 12. Though my father required me to use a fake name and fake age, I still told many of my "friends" my real name and age. I do not want my child going through this, let alone younger than I was.

Not only is she chatting with random people, she's wearing makeup! However, she's being sneaky, and bringing it to school with her so I don't catch her. I do not wear makeup myself, and I'm definitely not allowing my 9 year old to wear any. I had to run up to her school to bring her PTO candy order form in since it was due today. It just so happened to be picture day. As I was meeting her in the lobby, I noticed glitter all over. When I asked her what in God's name she was wearing, she replied, as casually as possible "It's just makeup, Mom. It's really not a big deal.". 

I have a tween. A tween who just so happens to act JUST. LIKE. ME. Well played, Karma. Well played. And mom, if you're looking over us, I'm sure you're getting your laughs in. Now I know what I put you through. I'm sorry!!!!

Where is my perfect life?

A while back, I had a breakdown. I had been off my meds for a while because something happened with my insurance and I just couldn't afford the cost of the meds OOP. As I stood in the kitchen, attempting to make lunch for G and I, it hit me. She would not stop crying. She wouldn't let go of me. She just would. not. stop. At that point, I realized: this is not the life I envisioned for myself. I did not want to be a SAHM. I did not want to be responsible for 3 kids. I especially did not want to be responsible for children with special needs. I envisioned myself with a rich husband. One who was perfect, so that we would have perfect children. Blonde haired, green eyed, well behaved, healthy children. Instead, what I got was a husband who isn't rich by any means. A child who is an instigator, very strong-willed. Another who has ADHD, ODD, and SPD. And one more who has HS, and possibly asthma (we're still not 100% sure due to her age). I stay at home, with no friends. No motivation. My house is a mess, I rarely cook. 

After I had my breakdown, I decided to do what I could to get those meds. The damn PO must have intercepted one brave attempt. No one local was on the same dose that I am, and couldn't give me enough of theirs to equal my dose for a few days without taking a significant hit in their need. I called around, and after 2+ weeks of no meds, found a place that had a one month supply for $4. As soon as the pharmacy filled it, and I paid, I took a dose. I didn't wait to get to the car. I didn't even wait to be outside of the store. I stood right there, and popped one pill. It obviously wasn't an instant change, but I knew it would kick in soon. And I was looking forward to it. I'm sure my kids were looking forward to it as well. When Sofia came home from school, she said "Oh! New pill bottle. You must have found a place to fill it for you." She seemed happy. It was at that point that I decided I was going to try to see the positive in everything. Keyword, try.

So far, it's been a struggle. But, I'm still working on it. What are the joys to having a child so strong-willed? Well, for one, I have come to the conclusion that she is a tough girl, and can handle herself in almost every situation. She's very confident that she's the best at what she does. Yes, she has her moments. She is unsure of herself at times. Recently, she sent me a text while she was supposed to be sleeping, and said that she's thinking of quitting band because it's too hard for her. She says her brain just doesn't like to learn, and she doesn't know why. The next morning, we talked about it, and she said she was going to tough it out because "I know I'm smart, and I know I can do this. I just have to push myself." Can't ever tell that one she can't do anything!

What about the joys of a child with ADHD, ODD, and SPD? This one is a little tougher. With him, I'm learning to take a step back and check out my surroundings first. Check for things that could possibly be uncomfortable or stressful, and for the things that are pleasant and relaxing. I'm trying to see things from his point of view. Something that I can clearly see is a beautiful red flower, may in fact be an extremely bright red, one that causes him to be uneasy. He also slightly motivates me to be more active. I can hardly keep up with him, but when I do get down and play with him, we have a great time. Not to mention, he gives a killer massage!

What about having a child with HS? While it's kind of hindering when she's sick and I can't go shopping, it also means that when certain people try to invite themselves over, I could say "Sorry, G isn't feeling well. Her doctor only wants for her to rest. Maybe next week." Or if people invite us over and I don't want to go, I can say that she's too sick to travel/visit. It also means that she's super cuddly most of the time. When she's sick, she just wants her mommy. I get to baby her a bit longer. Every new milestone she meets is a blessing. Her immune system will always be crappy, she will likely be fatigued most of the time, and she'll always be slightly weaker than her peers. But when my baby girl started walking, unassisted, at 9 months old, I was the happiest mom around. My sick baby was walking sooner than other healthy babies. Not to brag or anything, but I think my baby is super advanced for her age winky

So, while each one of these circumstances is not what I envisioned, I'm learning that it isn't as bad as I thought. It's a slow process, and some days it's hard to see the silver lining, it's really not THAT bad. So for me, I am learning that this IS a perfect life. For me. Might not be everyone's idea, but I am with my children and my wonderful husband. I don't think I could ask for much more. As for my house being a mess all the time? It was clean last week. Sorry you missed it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


My husband does tattoos as a hobby. It's mainly on himself, myself, or family that he does these tattoos on. Occasionally a friend will want one, and that's when he makes money off of them. $30 here, $50 there. Nothing significant by any means. This is where this post comes into play.

The other day, he had his stepsister and brother over. His ss wanted a tattoo of her bf's name and their anniversary on her wrist. While she was waiting for Anthony to get set up, her and I were making something to eat for her boys. As she opened the freezer to see what we had, she noticed my massive milk supply in there. She asked when and how I was able to pump that much milk. I stated that it wasn't mine. I use donor milk. The look on her face was of nothing but sheer disgust. I understand most people are not comfortable with it. I wasn't at first, either. But when my baby needed something to eat, and I couldn't provide it for her, what else was I to do? I have tried formula, and she refuses it. 

But that's not what irritated me. What really got me going was the fact that she had the audacity to say "You're still giving her titty milk??" with just this look on her face. It made me question myself for a brief moment. Then, I stopped the doubts, and informed her that the WHO recommended nursing until at least age 2. I let her know that G will let me know when she is done. She asked if I was still nursing her myself, and I said yes. There came the look again. 

Next thing she noticed was my corner of cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Again with the look. She turns to me and says "Let me guess, G sleeps in your bed, too?". Yep, she sure does. At that point, she says "You've changed so much. I don't know if I like it or not."

Woah ... wait a minute. You don't know if you like it?? When did you become such a significant role in my life to make any kind of judgement on me? Years ago, there was a problem between you and I, and you threatened me while I was pregnant with my son. But now I'm supposed to change my life back to the way YOU liked it? No thanks.

How much have I really changed? Let's see:
Baby #1- I was 18 years old. Breastfed for 3 months. Stopped because I didn't know I had a low-supply problem, and could work through it. Fed Sofia Similac, started solids at 3 months old, used any brand of diapers and wipes I could get my hands on (minus Huggies- worst. diapers. EVER.), did CIO, slept in her own crib in my room, put her down at every opportunity, vax'd on time, forward faced at 1 year old. Also, everything was brand new- clothes, toys, you name it.
Baby #2- I was 22 years old. Breastfed for 6 weeks. Stopped because he was sensitive to something I ate, and I didn't know about eliminating things from my diet. Fed AJ Enfamil, Similac, then Good Start Soy, started solids at 6 months, used Luvs diapers and Whitecloud wipes, did CIO, slept in his own crib in his own room, held him more often as he was a clingy/needy baby, circ'd, vax'd on time, forward facing at 1 year old. Most things were brand new- most clothes, most toys, but still had quite a bit of used things.
Baby #3- I was 26 years old. Breastfed for 13 months (and counting). We did supplement early on with formula, but was able to stop by 4 months old. Started solids at 5 months, then stopped until she was closer to 8 months. Pampers from birth until 6 months, cloth diapers since then. Whitecloud wipes when out, cloth wipes at home. No CIO. Starts the night in her Pack and Play, finishes in my bed. Held often, either in my arms, or in my Boba 3G (which I LOVE, by the way!!). Semi-delayed vax (1 or 2 at a time). Still rear facing in her infant seat. Almost everything this child owns was given to us, or bought used, except for a few things.

Okay, maybe I have changed quite a bit. But I don't think it's a bad change. I think I've changed for the better. Now that we have three kids to care for, it's getting pretty expensive. By using cloth diapers/wipes, we're saving quite a bit. By accepting used things, we're saving even more. By breastfeeding, I'm not paying for expensive formula. I'm still me. I still have my attitude. I still discipline my kids. I still act the same. It's just the little things. As a parent, yes, I've grown. I've grown leaps and bounds, and have figured out what works for us and doesn't. I'm more confident in my choices, and I refuse to let someone so insignificant try to tell me how I should parent my kids. And when my husband is standing behind me 100% in my choices, it makes it that much easier.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, what a day.

Gianna has been sick for a while now. Cough, wheezing, just generally crappy feeling. And because she has HS, she is 10x worse than the typical child. What this meant for us is, early AM wake ups. I don't mean 6:00, or even 5:00. G decided that 4 AM was a WONDERFUL time to wake up. FOUR IN THE MORNING. Now, if I were a normal person and went to bed early, then this wouldn't be a big deal. But I don't go to sleep until close to 1:00. Also, we cosleep. Both forms- she starts the night off in her pack and play next to my bed, then wakes when I go to bed, where we finish the night up in my bed.

So, Monday night (or technically Tuesday morning), she woke at 4. Played in my bed while I tried my hardest to stay awake to prevent her from falling off the bed. Finally, at about 5:30, she looked over at daddy, and decided to curl up with him, and out she went. Last night (or this AM), she woke at 4. This time, she didn't go back to sleep until closer to 6:30. I am supposed to be up at 7 to get my older 2 ready for school whatevah Needless to say, that did NOT happen.

Finally, at 7:30, I rolled out of bed. I had to drive my husband to work so that I could have the car in case the specialist wanted to see G at their office- an hour and fifteen minutes away. Yes, I took him while only in my PJs. Who cares? I wasn't impressing anyone. Besides, my hair was more frightening than my jammies were. I'm sure my wonderful morning breath would have shut anyone up who dared to say something.

Long story short, came home, kids left for school, tried to put G back to sleep for a few hours. She refused. Decided it was time to just give up the fight, and carry on. I called the Dr at 9:30, then took care of business. By 1:00, I still didn't hear back from the doctor, so I called again. This time, I left a semi-angry message. When they FINALLY called back (at 2:45), I was advised to just take her to the ER. So, we went. And sat there from 3 until 6:30. It was packed, smelly, loud, and full of things I never want to see again.

My poor, poor little Gianna. X-rays were taken, nebulizer treatment was given, and still no improvement. On the bright side, she does NOT have pneumonia as the ER doctor thought. We're still hesitant on diagnosing her with asthma, though the signs are all there. We left with 2 prescriptions- Albuterol, and a liquid steroid. Hopefully we'll see improvement real soon. I'd hate to see her fighting this for the whole fall/winter season. 

At any rate, I'm sure I bored you all enough. It's 10:15, G is FINALLY asleep, and I am ready to just kick back, and possibly play some Call Of Duty with the hubster. If you have any ideas for another blog, please let me know. I'm not very good with coming up with ideas. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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This is just the beginning

Thanks for agreeing to join me on my crazy journey. I've no idea what I am doing just yet, but hopefully will have an idea soon. So, for now, let me introduce myself.

My name is Kristen. I am 28 years old. I live in New York. No, not the city. A small town about 4 hours north of the city. I have 3 kids- Sofia is 9, AJ is 5, and Gianna recently turned 1. I have been with my husband, Anthony, for 12 long years, and married for almost 4. We've had our fair share of ups and downs, but we're still standing! My husband works with my father, and I have the pleasure of being a SAHM. 

My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. My youngest was diagnosed with Hereditary Spherocytosis after she was admitted to the hospital and required a blood transfusion at only 2.5 months old. Our life is full of medications, hospital visits, specialist visits, and many many doctor appointments. 

I am open to any and all questions you may have about our conditions and the battles we face, so please feel free to ask. 

Once again, welcome to our crazy life silly