Tuesday, May 6, 2014

**GIVEAWAY** More Boogie Wipes!!!

You already know how much I LOVE Boogie Wipes! I've said it a hundred times before, and I'll say it a hundred more times. They are seriously the most amazing product ever. They were made by moms to help clean up snotty noses better than plain dry tissues. They are saline wipes, so they aren't dry and irritating. They help to dissolve mucus that is stuck on the face, and soothe sore noses in the process.

But, did you know that they also double as cleaning wipes? I'm not so sure they were intended for that, but I have seriously cleaned almost everything with them. My husband has cleaned his shoes with them. I cleaned my daughter's table with one. I have even cleaned my car with one (dashboard and other interior surfaces). As of recently, I cleaned Gianna's face with one since she got into my makeup. One wipe took ALL the mascara off of her face. Check it out!

Amazing, isn't it!? 

My team, Boogie Busters, and I would love to give you an opportunity to win a Boogie Wipes prize pack of your own! This prize will be shipped directly from the Boogie Wipes warehouse, and may not be made up of the exact items you see in the following picture. 

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Disclaimer: I received these products at no cost to me, and no compensation for this post. All opinions in this post are my own and were not influenced by anyone or anything, and may differ from your own. This giveaway is being offered by Boogie Wipes. They are responsible for shipping the prize. Facebook and Twitter are not responsible nor affiliated with this giveaway.


  1. I love your blog! Everything about it!

  2. I like the grape boogie wipes!

  3. Great Grape sounds interesting! I haven't used these before so I have no idea what they smell like but I usually like grape flavor/scent.

  4. we love the grape scented!!!

  5. I love.Boogie wipes! And with the high polen in my area my boys are little snot machines! Lol

  6. my little girl likes grape

  7. Agree with others. Grape !


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