Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week in review

The past week or so has been so busy! I got new glasses. Still trying to adjust to them, but I'm getting there. I can see under the glasses, so I am constantly misjudging how far away the ground is. I take larger steps than needed sometimes, and my kids laugh at me. I've laughed a few times, what else can you do? I am still getting used to driving with them. I do like them, and think they look pretty good on me!

While I was looking through allllll the thousands of glasses they had, Gianna decided she wanted to try on a pair. They're just demo lenses, so no worries on harming her eyes. She looks so intelligent here! My little intellectual!

My package of Boogie Wipes came in finally! Be on the lookout for a giveaway soon ;) 
Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE Boogie Wipes!? No, let me tell you one reason why. They get EVERYTHING off. Not just boogies. Makeup ... yep, makeup. Specifically mascara. I don't wear makeup often, so I don't own makeup remover. I actually only bought some makeup recently because my SIL got married and I was her MOH. Naughty Gianna was supposed to take a nap, but she faked me out. Instead of napping, she decided to put my mascara on. Thank God for Boogie Wipes! One wipe removed it all!
Before and After  

Yesterday, we were involved in a minor accident. It was extremely minor, and no one had any injuries, thank God.

As you can see, only my bumper suffered any damage. I was passing through an intersection and a woman coming from my right blew right through the stop sign. She admitted fault, so it makes this all so much easier. I slammed on my brakes when I realized she wasn't going to stop and also laid on my horn. At that point, she snapped back from whatever she was daydreaming about, and stepped on her brakes as well. She hit me hard enough that her license plate and the holder ripped right off of her car. I immediately called the police when she hit me. She seemed extremely upset at her license plate ripping off. All I could think about were my kids. They had NO idea that we were even in an accident. They just thought that we were stopped for whatever reason. My BIL was sitting in the front passenger seat, and he wasn't injured either. I was extremely shaken up, and had to take one of my anti anxiety medications because I felt an anxiety attack coming on. 

After I got home, I called my insurance to report the accident and get the claim started. Because I had car seats in my car at the time of the accident, they HAVE to be replaced. Even a minor accident like that, they absolutely have to be replaced according to the manuals (always be sure to read your car seats manuals for important information like this). I have been advised by others to call the car seat manufacturers to see if they recommend replacing, just in case. 

So, that's my super eventful week in review. The best part? The absolute best part of my week was the letter I received in the mail today. Remember the person who called CPS on me? I have been waiting for this letter for a while now. It came in, and I couldn't be any happier. It means this nightmare is over, FINALLY.

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