Thursday, April 18, 2013

About time for a new post

Apparently, I have been slacking big time when it comes to my blog. Things have been crazy, and I'm trying to catch up.

Since I missed Throwback Thursday, I'll add it now. This is my husband before he covered himself in tattoos. You can actually see the color of his arms! I can't remember for sure, but this had to be either 2003 or 2004. Notice the old Nokia phone on his belt. We were so cool with those phones!

On Friday, AJ had a potty accident while outside and ended up tracking it through the house. While I was busy cleaning it, I asked Sofia to please keep Gianna in her room so that she didn't get into the mess or what I was using to clean it up. Apparently, G was on the bottom of Sofia's bed, with her legs hanging over the foot board. She started bouncing, and fell face first. This resulted in a lovely black eye. I called her doctors office because I was worried about it affecting her more because of her blood disorder. They told me to take her to the walk in if I wanted to, just to make sure it wasn't worse than it looked. We spent about 20 minutes there, and they looked her over. Just told me to keep an eye on her and call her doctor, or take her to the ER, if her behavior changes.

 By Saturday, it was a little darker

And by Sunday, it was starting to heal a bit more and look better. Monday, it was a little yellowish. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

I really should have just asked them to look at me real quick when I took her in. I'm not sure how it happened, but I suddenly developed a large lump under my arm. It started off pretty small, and within a few days, it grew larger. I assumed it was from the new deodorant I was using. I kept forgetting to buy my own when I went to the store (bought everything I didn't need, though!), so I have been using Anthony's. I mentioned that theory to the doctor at the walk in on Saturday, but he said that it didn't look like an allergic reaction or irritation, because it wasn't all over. He mentioned possibly lancing it, but decided not to. At this point, I'm kind of wishing he did. It REALLY hurts!!

AJ started on a new medication a while ago- Risperidone- and it didn't seem to do much other than really make him more angry and hostile. We upped his dosage from .25mg to .50mg for a week, then to .75mg. It started with just one pill (.25mg) in the morning. Then we did one in the morning, and one in the evening. Now we are at one in the morning, and two in the evening. It seems to be helping a bit, but he still has his moments where he is mean and out of control. I think I am going to ask about upping his dose one more time. Maybe .50mg in the morning and .50mg at night. All I know is, he's only 6 now. What is going to happen when he turns 8, or 10?

In other news, I have sent Sofia to school with a letter of refusal regarding the NYS Assessment tests. The Sunday before school started back up (the 7th), she spent 2 hours crying because she was so nervous about the test. She thought it was the next day, and hadn't studied at all. I didn't even know these tests were coming up because if I did, I would have made sure she studied. She was so upset that she made herself physically sick with a stomachache. It was awful watching her so upset. I asked in a mommy group that I'm in on Facebook if anyone had experience with anxiety in a 10 year old. One of the girls mentioned that it was testing time and that we could actually refuse it. She gave me THIS link, and from there, I decided I would talk to her about it. The following morning, I asked how she would feel if I had her refuse, and I could literally see the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders slightly. I looked into it more, spoke with my husband, and we went through with it.

I sent 3 letters of refusal in to school that Friday (the 12th). One to her teacher, the superintendent, and the principal. I also sent an email to the principal later that day to confirm that she read it. Sunday night, she replied. She had been out of town, but was in email communication with Ms. F, the superintendent, about this. She said that she had wanted to call me to discuss this, and I gave her the times that were best for me. I also mentioned that I would actually prefer to meet her in person so that I could show her what I found. I thought the tests started that Monday, so I didn't wait for her to call. I went up so I could talk face to face. I came fully prepared to stand my ground and fight for my right as a parent to refuse on Sofia's behalf. Luckily, Mrs. K was understanding. She said she didn't agree with it, but she knew that there was nothing she could do. There is a spot on the test to mark that it was refused. As long as Sofia didn't write on the test at all, the proctor would fill that bubble in.  When I told Sofia everything was all set for her to refuse, the rest of the weight of the world was lifted. No more tearful nights. No more stomachache.

She went to school just fine on Tuesday, and I picked her up right before the test started. Wednesday she went to the office while the test was taken. I'm not sure what she did today, but I'm sure she was in the office again. She just reads for that hour and a half. She will do the same thing next week for the Math tests. Those are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'm not sure if I'll leave her there, or if I'll pick her up. It really is a waste of gas to pick her up for only 90 minutes.

This is our motto lately.

We're getting a cat tomorrow, and I can't wait. She was left behind by my mother in laws neighbors, so she took her in. It was Winter, and cold, and Abby was pregnant. She only had one kitten. My MIL is trying to reduce her cat-load, since another one they took in had 8 babies (we took them to a no-kill shelter), and the cat that actually belongs to them was, surprisingly, pregnant. She had 7. So, now she's in cat-hell, and needing to get rid of some. Abby is so cute, and her kitten has an M on his forehead. We're bringing them home tomorrow, so I will have some pics soon! I'm going to call him Mighty Meows. I am hilarious.

Okay, I think that's enough. If you've managed to make it this far, yay! Thank you!

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