Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3AM ramblings

It's almost 3 on the East Coast. Gianna is playing around in her crib. As soon as I stand up to walk out of the room, she immediately stands up and starts to cry for me. Not only does she cry, but the kitten is crying for me on the other side of the door! He's lonely, I get it. Why is he lonely? Well, Abbey is gone. As sad as that makes me, it was for the best.

Gianna was not very nice to Abbey. Many times, she would poke her in the rear for whatever reason. Abbey has bitten her and scratched her, but she kept doing it. She also would kick her whenever she was near her. Abbey could be walking by to get to her food, and G would kick her. If Abbey was laying on the floor, G would walk up to her and stomp on her. She would pull her tail, her ears, and her legs. It got to the point that Abbey would hide out in the basement until Gianna was gone. It wasn't fair to Abbey.

I posted in one of the local yard sale groups that I was seeking a new home for her, and had quite a bit of interest. Fortunately, we found a home quickly for her, and she left today. Well, technically yesterday I guess. I really struggled with the decision. I would think it was best for her, then I would get sad because she's a great cat. But, I couldn't think of only myself. She needed to be somewhere where she was happy and could walk around freely. So, since Abbey is gone, poor kitten is sad and missing his mommy.

I'd love to bring him in my room for the night, but I need to get G back to sleep first. Since the food and litter box is downstairs, I need to keep my door open. Since I need to keep my door open, Gianna needs to stay in her bed. Or else she will end up staying up and getting into things she shouldn't. So, here I sit, on the end of Sofia's bed, telling Gianna to lay down and go to sleep. Every time she falls asleep and snores, I get up. As soon as I touch the door, she's standing up and crying. This is going to make for a long night.

So, since I'm up, I figured I might as well ramble a bit. Get some thoughts out and give an update on AJs treatment plan. At his last appointment, we decided to try another medication along with the one he is on now. The one he currently takes is to help his moods due to the ODD. As soon as the insurance authorizes this new medicine, we will start him on Vyvanse for his ADHD. He isn't as violent as he's been, and that's because we upped his Risperidone to 1mg in the morning, and 1mg at night. There is definitely a HUGE change in his moods if he misses even one dose. I am looking forward to getting his ADHD under control now that his ODD is managed. Wish us luck!

School is out on the 17th. I am definitely not going to miss the 6:45 am wake ups, but I will miss being able to run and do errands without everyone being there with me. It's just so much quicker if it's just Gianna and I. I now also need to start planning things for them to do during Summer. We will likely spend a lot of time at various parks. Hoping to get some play dates in as well.

Life certainly has been hectic. I can't wait to just relax. Tomorrow, I am turning my phone off, and doing nothing at all. Besides going to Walmart for some Vinegar. Other than that, absolutely nothing. So, if you need to get a hold of me, please seek out a carrier pigeon. Or even a fox messenger. Or you could leave a voicemail or text. I'll answer eventually. Now that Gianna is asleep, it is time for me to sneak out again, so I may curl up next to my husband, and finally go to sleep. G'night!!

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