Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Safety

I never really babyproofed my house for any of my kids. Until I had Gianna. That child is Evel Knievel reincarnated, I swear. She seems to have NO fear whatsoever. One of her favorite activities is to sneak in the bathroom and play with the water. Water from the toilet, sink, even the tub. So, I decided to go ahead and purchase a Safety 1st toilet lock from Amazon. It came in a few days later, hubby installed it, and we were good to go. No more worrying about Gianna putting things in the toilet (including her hands). For extra protection, we bought those handle covers so that she couldn't open the bathroom door. Fast forward about 5 months later, and this is what our toilet lock looks like now.
A lot of good that does us, right? Oh well, at least we still have the handle covered. Though, it doesn't help when people forget to close the bathroom door. Grrrr

My friends son spent the night Friday night while his parents were busy moving. He wanted Mac and Cheese for dinner, so I made it. I had Sofia wash the dishes before I made dinner while I picked up after the boys and Gianna. When she finished, she put the plastic spoon holder thing on the stove so that I could use it. Without me looking, I put the pot of water on the burner right next to the spoon holder. I didn't realize that it was touching the burner when I turned it on. While waiting for the water to boil, I went out into the living room to see what the kids were up to. Within in a few minutes, there was a terrible smell. I ran into the kitchen to see the spoon holder on fire. I turned the burner off and carefully picked it up and put it in the sink. 
Looks like I need to add a new spoon holder to my list of items to buy. Or just stop cooking. Either way ;)

On the bright side, I gave Gianna a bath last night, and gave her a huge Alfalfa style with her shampoo. It was just too cute to not take a pic.

I've been approved for a review of something I've never ever heard of before. Not sure when it will come in, but be on the lookout for it ;)

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