Saturday, October 25, 2014

Caught in yet another lie

I honestly can't take this any more. My sons lying is OUT OF CONTROL. I just caught him in yet another lie. After just having a massive lying incident the other week, I thought he'd be done. At least, done for a while. This totally cuts into the blog I wanted to write. I will have to save that for another day.

We have to register our dogs. Mine, and my SILs. They were going to sell their Nintendo 2DS or whatever it's called, so they had the funds to register theirs, but couldn't find it. It was supposed to be in the case, along with like 6 games. When they grabbed it, they noticed it felt lighter than it should have been. Open it up, and SURPRISE! The DS and 2 games are missing. I instantly accused AJ. Why? Because he has a history of stealing things. Naturally, I turned to the one with the history of it.

He denies knowing anything about it. He didn't even know it was there. So, it just can't be him. Then, since I accused him, my husband starts yelling at me. "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO ACCUSE HIM? HE DOESN'T ALWAYS DO THINGS LIKE THIS, YOU KNOW. I'M TIRED OF YOU ALWAYS ACCUSING HIM. MAYBE THEY MISPLACED IT. DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT?!" To be honest, I briefly entertained that thought. But after a very brief consideration, I thought differently. Because he was upset about this, he was upset when our dog ran outside when SIL's husband opened the door. I grabbed her leash and followed her so that she could go to the bathroom if she needed to.

When I brought her back in, he was digging around in the couch to look for it. I decided to go upstairs and look around in the kids' room to see if it was in there. Hmm, what do you know, I found it in his underwear drawer. I came downstairs, directed my attention to my husband and said "And THIS is why I accuse him. Because 9 times out of 10, it IS him. I found this in one of his drawers.". I handed the system to my SIL so I could go back and continue to look for the other missing game. While I was going back upstairs, he kept insisting it wasn't him. Someone planted it there. It wasn't him. It was someone else. He didn't do it. Blah blah blah

Next thing I hear is this loud smack, a scream, and my SIL yelling at my husband for smacking AJ. All hell breaks loose. If it's one thing my husband and I hate is when people try to tell us how to raise our kids. Especially a childless family member. He HATES it. She's yelling at Anthony that she didn't care if AJ played on it. Just that he should have told her. Point of the punishment was because he stole it, then lied to us about having it.

Even after being confronted, he STILL lies about it. I asked him who would possibly set him up. He says "Gianna can reach the top drawer. She could have done it." Ehhhhhhhhhh ... at that point, I called him out, again. "I never stated I found it in your top drawer. I said I found it in ONE OF YOUR DRAWERS. So that there shows me, again, that YOU did it. Stop the lying. All you're doing is digging yourself further and further into this lie. STOP. Just stop it!!!"

I just don't know what to do any more. I can't take it. It's constantly lie after lie. If he continues doing this, he's going to end up getting into serious legal troubles as he gets older. I am at a loss. Punishments don't seem to work. Threatening to call the police doesn't matter. The last time I took him to the police station for stealing money from me, they said, right in front of him, that he was too young to be placed in a holding cell. He is too young for the "scared straight" program.

What would YOU do in this instance? I have NO problem taking things from him, but all of the kids share one room, so I can't take things without punishing them as well. He WILL be going to bed early tonight. He will be banned from ALL electronics for a minimum of a week. I'm debating on taking Trick Or Treating away from him. Or even not allowing him to participate in his classroom's Halloween party. What are some punishments you would dish out in this case?

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