Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quick Giveaway! Give me your best tip!

I had an interview yesterday, and though I was incredibly nervous, I did well enough that I was invited back for a 2nd interview Friday evening. I am still nervous! It's been SIX years since I've last had an interview, and I am unsure what to expect.

To celebrate, I'm going to have a little contest. Give me your best advice for someone going to an interview. Anything at all! From suggestions on how to dress, to questions that might be asked, even your most embarrassing interview stories! One lucky person who comments will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!

Contest will run until 10 PM, EST.
Fine print: Contest is sponsored SOLELY by me. Please be sure to leave your email address in the comment box below so I may contact you in the event that you win. Winner will have 24 hours to answer my email, notifying them of being the winner, or a new winner will be chosen. I will use to chose a winner. First comment is #1, second is #2, and so on. Sharing the post on either FB or Twitter will give you an extra entry. To claim your second entry, submit another comment that says "Shared on (Facebook/Twitter)". Only comments on the blog will count. GOOD LUCK!!





  1. I always dress in either a black skirt suit or a pant suit

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  2. Make sure your breath smells good and you don't have food stuck in your teeth!:)(

  3. I always ask lots of questions. I tend to ask how they got into that position. Or how they moved up the corporate ladder. Just to make them feel like you are looking for a long term job. That's always worked for me. I'm an account so I always dress business casual. My hair always looks nice :)

  4. Let's see if this one shows! Lol
    I think most people are nervous at interviews! Just be yourself! As far as clothes, it depends on what type if job it is but you can't go wrong with a pair of black or kaki slacks and a button up shirt!

  5. Go in with confidence, even if you don't feel confident, and answer every question with a well thought out answer. Employers love people who are confident and can think on their feet! -meredith

  6. Look gorgeous and put on your best smile :) They know when your confident and nervous. Just drink a big cup of coffee before an interview! Maybe buy your favorite lipstick the night before, makeup always makes me happy! Good luck

  7. Try not to fidget too much with your hands or legs (I know I have to constantly remind myself of this because I get so nervous)...I always tend to play with my hair when I'm nervous as well! You will do great, and you will be a a super addition to any company!!! Good luck! Keep us posted!! Xo

    Maggi Baerman

  8. Go in prepared with a little knowledge about the company and then ask questions! Most of all, just be yourself. Best of luck to you! I start a new job tomorrow and am nervous too :)

    lifeat105 at

  9. Remind yourself the interviewer is just a person and not the gatekeeper to your finances :) Speak to them as if you were out to lunch with friends :)

  10. One of the questions interviewers ask is "what is your worst fault? or what are you weakest at?" So you need to thinbk of something that you are weak at that is really a good thinbg for the company. For example - you tend to stay on a problem till you finish or get it right - even if it takes extra time. or You are always on time or you are one that tries to get things correct or figure out how to get it done correctly.


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