Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's been a month

And I'm still not really "into" blogging much. I'm trying to get back into it, I swear. I just get so busy that I forget to post. Or I just get so overwhelmed. So, let's try to see if I can collect my thoughts enough to form an update of sorts.

Sept 12-
My SIL treated us and the kids to a local skating rink. They had a BLAST!! They did need to use the guides, but it was so much fun! Anthony and I enjoyed it as well. We did laser tag as well, and it was amazing! Gianna got into it as well, even though she didn't hit anyone.

Sept 21-
We took the kids and the puppy to a park to enjoy one of the last nice days of the season. Running, jumping, slides, swings, monkey bars ... They played for HOURS!!

Sept 22-
I literally spent ALL day doing laundry and cleaning the playroom. I went through all of Gianna's toys and threw out broken ones, toys that were drawn on, and ones she no longer played with. I fixed her reading corner and put everything together neatly. When I say ALL day, I meant it. I started at about 10 in the morning and didn't finish until a little after 6.

Sept 23-
Gianna started school! She loved it! She claimed she was going to cry all day for me, but didn't cry once! We had a situation with the bus which caused us to be waiting outside from 7:15AM until 9:00 ... when I ended up driving her to school. There's a street in the next town over with the same name as ours, so that's where the bus went. We also had an incident with the monitor on the bus home. She wasn't very pleasant, and I brought it up with our Headstart family advocate.
We also had her 3 year well child check up this day. Her official 3 year old stats are 36" tall and 30.6 lbs! She did need one shot. She wasn't too happy with it. Especially since we weren't expecting it. It was quite the shock to her.

Sept 24-
Second day of school and the bus was late again. Went to the right house this time, but didn't come until 8:30. School starts at 8 for her. We also had yet another incident with the monitor. I spoke with our advocate about it once again.

Sept 29-
AJ lies all the time. Today, his lie was incredibly ridiculous and over nothing serious. He came home from school and all he did was eat, eat, eat. He is on quite a bit of medication, so I'm not surprised that he doesn't eat at school. After his 20 thousandth snack, I told him no more, as dinner was on it's way (pizza). He snuck in the kitchen and ate toast. When I asked him about it, he insisted it wasn't him. I honestly gave him no less than 15 chances to tell me the truth. He lied each and every time. I sent him to bed early that night because, even after FINALLY getting him to admit it, he lied once again. I had enough. Also, he started hitting himself when I punished him.

Sept 30-
I kept G home from school because she was complaining of a belly ache and pointing to where her spleen is. I would rather be safe and have her looked at, than be sorry and something be wrong that we missed. Doctor took her in, even with no open appointments, and looked her over. Said her spleen felt just fine, but ordered blood tests anyways, since haven't had any done recently and have no current numbers on file. Blood test came back the next day. Hemoglobin was 9.5 (previously 8.5), hematocrit up to 29 (previously 25)

We also had AJ's therapy appt this day. It was the absolute WORST visit ever. I got yelled at for being "late" (I was actually early). The therapist and I got into it, and I told her she was of no help to us. Because I told her that her "suggestions" weren't helping, and that they were already things we were doing, she called my husband into the room because I was being "irrational". She and I do not mesh well. She spends more of our appointment time on the phone with her grandkids, or talking to me about her grandkids. I'm sorry, but I don't care. Help my son. That's what we're there for.

We did end up changing some medication. Not his therapist ... the RN at the clinic we go to. He is now on 40 mg of Ritalin LA (down from 60), still on 4 mg of Risperidone, .10 mg of Kapvay, and now we have added .125 mg of Seraquol. I'm not seeing much of a change. I am going to be sad when we leave, because I like her, but hopefully the next therapist we see will have an equally amazing RN.

Oct 1-
Got Gianna a new Nirvana t-shirt from Target! We love it!

Oct 2-
My birthday. Met a friend at Friendlys with the kids and we had ice cream. I am still not thrilled about being 30, but it's not too bad ... so far.

Oct 3-
I take that back. Being 30 is HORRIBLE. I was in yet another car accident. Some woman reversed into me at the SAME time I was reversing. I was 3/4 out of my spot when she hit me. It was entirely her fault, but I didn't feel like filing yet another claim this year. I did file a police report though, just to cover my bases. My car is scratched, the paint is peeling, I should have filed a claim so it could be repaired.

Oct 4-
Watched Annabelle with my husband for my birthday. Creepy!! It was REALLY good though!!

Oct 7-
Kids FINALLY have their Halloween costumes. Can't wait for Halloween!

Oct 11-
We took the kids to a local Pumpkin Farm. They had a blast!!

I think Gianna has Pink Eye. Going to take her to the walk in, and then get them ready for bed. It's been a LONG day today. (Now that I'm home, YES, she does have pink eye. No school for tomorrow. 1 drop every 6 hours in her eye until it's clear. Booooo)

Hopefully, I'll keep up with blogging!! I miss it! And if you're wondering, I have decided to file the claim against the woman who hit me. As most of you know, I am VERY much into car seat safety. Despite a minor accident like this, the manuals in my kids' car seats state that they need to be replaced. That is what I intend to do, so I will be pursuing the claim.

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