Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unconventional Parenting

Some call me an unconventional parent. I allow my kids to do things that others wouldn't. I also don't allow things that others do.

For example, Sofia lost her eye tooth the other day. It had been loose for a while, but she FINALLY got it out. I told her that she was growing up too fast. As a joke, I suggested second holes in her ears. She laughed about it, and said no. So then I suggested a cartilage piercing. That time, she said okay. I figured, if I take her to the piercing place, and start filling out the papers, she'd back out. No problem, I called her bluff. She went through with it. So much for calling a bluff! I could have told her I was joking. I could have not finished filling out the papers. But, she wanted it. I let her have it done.

Now, I have NO issues at all with allowing my 9 year old to have a cartilage piercing. Why not? Because I had mine done around that age. I also know that Sofia is mature enough to take care of it without prompting from me. She has done a fabulous job so far. She showers daily, and makes sure she uses the ear care solution as soon as she finishes getting dressed. She always washes her hands first. She is careful to not snag it on anything. She keeps her hair away from it. She is VERY proud of her new piercing. She is also the envy of all her friends because they want one too, and their parents said no.

Does that make me a bad parent? Absolutely not. It means that I do things differently than most. I don't want to be like "the norm". I want to do things the way that works for us. I know what my family is capable of. Now, excuse me while Gianna and I finish our breakfast of Thin Mints.

(oops, forgot to add the pic of her lost tooth and her note to the Tooth Fairy!)


  1. Ahahaha! Perfect ending! I completely agree with your decision to say yes. Trusting her to be adult enough, and then her showing she IS adult enough really helps you both grow and bond. And thin mints for breakfast is perfect!

  2. Love this post!

    Krystal Dunlap


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