Saturday, February 2, 2013

Burning holes in my pockets

The lien release came in today. I was excited, and EXTREMELY happy, so I texted the guy who bought my car, and told him that it was in. He wrote back and said he'd be here in about half an hour. It was seriously the highlight of my day.

Let's step back a bit. My husband has hardly been home since yesterday. His mother is moving, so he had to go help her. Since our kids are young, they'd only be in the way.  I was home with them. AJ had his melt downs and whined almost the whole time. Today, same thing. He was up early, and whiny. Anthony was gone by 9 to help his mom again. Our friend D was coming to help, but needed someone to watch the baby. He dropped the baby off here, and I had her for a few hours. Poor Gianna was so jealous. She cried almost the whole time I held the baby. I was able to put her down a bit so that I could cuddle G, but not for long. After a fresh diaper and a bottle, I was able to put the baby down for a nap, then work on putting G down as well. The baby slept for about an hour, G for 2.

Shortly after they woke up, the mail came. When I rummaged through it, I saw the envelope regarding the lien release. I was really looking forward to the check that I was supposed to get from Boogie Wipes, but I was more excited for the lien release. I knew it would only be a bit longer before D and Anthony got back. I could wait a bit to text the new owner of my car. I was anxious, and am super impatient, but the babies kept me plenty busy.

As soon as they walked in the door, however, I was ready for D to take his daughter and for me to find the guy's number. Like I said, about half an hour later, he came over. We talked for a bit, and found out that he owns a mechanic shop. He said he doesn't do heavy duty engine work, but he can do the majority of whatever we'd need in the future. That's great, because Anthony's car needs some work done. We were talking about how I've been worked over by another company that seems to think that I needed things done to my car that likely didn't need to be done. Fortunately, I have people in my life that know what they're doing when it comes to cars. I went to them first, and if they couldn't fix it, THEN I went to the other company.

So, now that I have the rest of the money, it's burning a hole in my pocket. I need a new phone badly, and I also need to get something for Anthony for Valentines Day. Not only that, but our wedding anniversary is only 4 days after V Day. No idea what to get him for either. I have never been good at picking out gifts. I actually think I rather suck at it. This is where you all come in. Tell me, what do you think is a good gift? We've been together for almost 13 years, but married for 4. What do you give your husbands for anniversaries and for Valentines Day? Any and all suggestions welcomed!!!

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