Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last 3 days- 28, 29, 30

I'm not sure what to really say other than I am thankful this month is over. Hubby can finally shave his no-shave-November beard. I can stop wracking my brain to think of things that are blog worthy to be thankful for. So, let me try to figure something out.

I am thankful for my wonderful giveaway sponsors. If you have a Facebook account, and haven't yet liked these pages, please feel free to!
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I'm thankful that I'm able to provide the milk my daughter needs to stay healthy. I'm also thankful that, even though I had to fight for it, WIC is allowing me to borrow a pump again for as long as I need it.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends who allow me to be myself. Cursing, inappropriate jokes, hysterical laughter, and all of my flaws. I truly do have some of the most wonderful friends out there. Whether they are friends I see often (or not too often any more), or friends who I've met through Facebook. They all have a place in my heart, and they are all awesome. 

I am thankful for the wonderful family I have- my husband drives me nuts sometimes, but he really is fantastic. We have our ups and downs, but we push through them, and stick by each other. We have 3 beautiful kids together. (Yes, for all of you crap talkers, they ARE his biological kids.) My father is a fantastic man. Him and I had our differences as well, but I'll always be daddy's little girl, no matter how old I am. No matter how old he is. I couldn't ask for a better father, or a better grandfather to my kids. I had a wonderful mother. She and I also had our squabbles, and fought often, but at the end of the day, I knew how much she loved me, and I hope she knew how much I loved her. I think of her often, and miss her dearly. My brother is the best brother ever. I wish I saw him more, and could seeing that we live only 10 minutes apart. We're both busy- him with work and friends, me with my family, but I hope he knows just how much he means to me. He's amazing. My stepfather is an awesome man as well. Yes, I still call my brother's father my stepfather. Sure, he's technically not but that man has helped raise me since I was little. I don't care what anyone says, he will always be my dad. I can go to him with whatever and he'll still help me out. 

This month has given me lots to think about, and a lot to be thankful for. I know I haven't even touched on half of what I'm thankful for. It's just something that's hard to put into words. I'm thankful that all of you have been there for me, reading my posts, commenting, entering my giveaways. It really means the world to me!

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