Monday, December 3, 2012

I never thought I'd say ...

I saw a few posts going around FB about things mothers thought they'd never say, and I figured I'd write my own. Of course, with some help from some of my friends :)
  1. Get your hands out of your mouth AND your pants!
  2. If I give you money, will you shut up?
  3. Seriously, stop wearing your brothers underwear (AW)
  4. Quit smearing poop on the walls!
  5. Did you SERIOUSLY just write your name on the wall and blame it on the baby??
  6. Don't make me turn this car around!! (LE)
  7. I swear on all things holy, I will beat you in front of God and everyone and I HOPE they call CPS. (AW)
  8. Quit running away from me! I just want to get the booger out of your nose!
  9. Just get any socks on. As long as they're the same color, I don't care.
  10. I don't care if you're playing pet and owner. Get the belt/string/collar/blanket/cord OFF of your neck!
  11. Tie the floss around your tooth and I'll slam the door for you.
  12. No, I don't have a tissue. Just wipe your nose on your sleeve.
  13. Keep wearing socks to bed. Your feet will turn green and fall off.
  14. There's a monster in the basement that will come up if you don't stop your crap.
  15. Did you put deodorant on today? (No, I lost it) How do you lose deodorant?! Oh well. Just use a baby wipe and some baby powder.
  16. You'll eat what I give you or go to bed hungry! (TL)
  17. If you don't take care of that hair, we'll chop it ALL off! (TL)
  18. You wait until your father gets home! (KS)
  19. A little bit of spit will get that right off! (right KS? lol)
  20. Why are you wearing 2 pairs of underwear?
  21. Great. I got poop on my hands again. *sigh* Hand me another wipe, would ya?

What are some things you've said that you never thought you would?

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