Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sometimes, it feels like it never stops

I have no idea what to blog about right now, so I'm letting my fingers take over. Ange style. 

Gianna has a cold. Thank God for Boogie Wipes. I think we went through a whole pack of them this AM alone. She can hardly breathe, but she wants to nurse the whole day away. She's finally asleep, but I doubt it will be for long. She never naps long when she's sick. 10 mins here, 5 there. I have her buckled in her car seat because I'm waiting for Anthony to come home for lunch so that I can run to Walmart and pick up some window plastic stuff. There's a draft coming in from the windows, and even with the heat cranked up to 78, it's still pretty cold in here. She's still in PJs, so I'll just keep her in her car seat if she does happen to wake up.

Speaking of being sick. AJ isn't feeling so well either. AJ and Sofia spent Saturday night over at Grandma's house. We get a call early Sunday that we need to pick them up. AJ isn't feeling well, and he looks like he might puke. Anthony goes to get them, and brings back his sisters as well. Poor AJ is burning up. I have no idea what his temperature was because I only have one thermometer. That one is Gianna's. I'm sure you can figure out where it's used. So, yeah, no mouth for AJ. I gave him some Tylenol anyways because I can tell he has a pretty high fever. Poor boy crashed for a few hours on the couch. Yesterday, before school, I noticed his eye was red. Pink eye? Too much rubbing? Did he poke it? He says it doesn't hurt, so I sent him to school anyways. I figured if he had pink eye, they'd call me and let me know. For the record, I HATE parents who send their obviously sick kid to school. But at this point, I'm battling illness with Gianna, and I don't need her to get any sicker. So, now I am that parent. Anyways, they don't think it's pink eye, and if it is, then it's viral, which means no medication is going to help.

Christmas shopping is almost all done. I completed Dad's shopping for the kids while they were at Grandma's. They'll be excited! I, I mean, HE bought some pretty awesome stuff for them. Sofia wanted the Monster High create-a-monster lab, so that's her big gift. AJ wanted a Hot Wheels wall track, so there's his. I can't remember what he bought for G, but I know she'll love it because she was with me and I let her pick lol Some clothes from him as well, and they're all set! Anthony and I only have to get a few more things for them, and we'll be done as well. A few books for each of them. A refill pack for Sofia's monster lab, some cars for AJs track, and some books/blocks for G, and we're done! I'm not sure what we're planning on doing for siblings, but we have to get a little something for each of them. Luckily, Anthony gets paid one more time before the month is over, so we can use this whole check for gifts.

I am attempting to learn to crochet, but it isn't working out well for me. Anthony seems to be catching on quicker. My goal was to learn so that I can sell things as a supplement to our income, but looks like that isn't going to happen. *sigh* I keep trying, and I keep failing. I have a few friends trying to help me out, but I need in-person help. This is probably something that should have been learned long ago. Doesn't help that I have texture issues, and the yarn is one thing that bothers my hands. I get the chills when ever I touch it. I'm hoping to overcome it though.

Not only am I attempting to learn that, I'm also trying to lose weight. I've never been over 100lbs a day in my life, expect for when I'm pregnant. My highest was 128 when I was full term with Gianna, but after having her, I kept gaining. I'm not losing any, and I can't stand it. It was a HUGE slap in the face when I went looking for new jeans for me and the ones that I thought would only be a size bigger than I am were not even fitting over one leg. I NEVER thought that would be me. I've been too worried with Gianna's sickness that I haven't had time to worry about myself, and I see just how much I've been slacking. Though no one really comes out and says "DAMN!! You're fat now!", I can hear it in their voice and see it in their eyes. I hate it. Some even say I look better with some weight n me than before. I went looking through old pics and I have to admit that I was really skinny ... TOO skinny. It was kind of gross looking back on just how tiny I was. I'll be happy if I can lose at least 20 pounds. 30 would be nice, but 20 would be my minimum. Hopefully, I'll be skinnier than Ange though silly Shouldn't be too hard, since she's been slacking like a mo-fo. I just need to get G's toys out of the living room and put my new game in the Wii (thanks, dad!) and get moving. I'm sure it won't take too long!

Speaking of picking up and cleaning, I cleaned the living room while G was napping. You'd never be able to tell. Within 10 minutes of her waking up, she destroyed it. Then the other 2 came home from school and made it worse. AND to make it worse, when I left to go hang out with my friend for a bit, I asked Anthony to put plastic over the windows to stop the drafts from making this place cold (even with the heat cranked up to 78), and when I got back, it was worse. Aye. I give up. I need someone with serious organizational skills to come and help me put this place back in order!!!

Anyways, random blogging aside, I am done for today. I think it's long enough, and I want to get started on this mess ... yet again. 

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