Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today's appointment

Did I mention that I hate not having a car? I hate that I have to rely on people to take us places. Luckily, my father was okay with taking us to the Mental Health Clinic today. AJ's appointment was at 9:15 (or 9:30, depending on who you ask). We got there at about 9, and waited in the waiting room for about half an hour for us to be called. During this time, Gianna played with a truck, colored a bit, and ran around. AJ, however, decided he was going to draw a picture for Beepa (my father). He started to, and wrote "I love Beepa" on the inside, and then something made him snap, and he scribbled it all out.

We were finally called by a woman named Peggy. She was nice. We went over the paperwork, and got a little bit of introductions in. We discussed some things that have happened with him- the incident on the bus, his temper, blacking out, lies, the devil talking to him, etc. That was what made her decide that she definitely wanted to see him sooner rather than later. He also had an outburst when we asked him to please pick up the toys that he and Gianna were playing with. He started whining and yelling and crying that it wasn't fair and no one ever helps him. Arms crossed, face long, full on pout. I think she was actually taken aback when he started. The look on her face showed that she was surprised to hear how quickly he turned. 

While we didn't do anything ground breaking today, I have confidence that we will soon. She did ask that I request a full psychological eval with IQ from the school, because she thinks he should have a 504 plan. 504? IEP? I'm not even sure what it's called. All I know, that kid needs help, and I do not want him to fall behind. Tomorrow, I call the school and request that eval done. We'll get there. Slowly but surely, we'll get there!

Next appointment, February 12th. Hoping for a bit more progress then. In the meantime, we just hope for the best!

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