Friday, October 12, 2012

Well Played, Karma

Sofia is 9 now. She will be 10 in March. I am not ready for her to grow up. She has an iPod that we bought her for Christmas. I now have to take it from her at night time. The other night, when she had a hard time sleeping, she decided to spend the whole time playing on her iPod. I put the kids to bed around 7:30-8:00. Before I go to bed, I check on them, fix blankets, make sure they aren't too hot nor too cold, etc. At 12:30, she was using her textPlus app to text random people. This does not fly with me. Why? Because I remember IMing random people when I was 12. Though my father required me to use a fake name and fake age, I still told many of my "friends" my real name and age. I do not want my child going through this, let alone younger than I was.

Not only is she chatting with random people, she's wearing makeup! However, she's being sneaky, and bringing it to school with her so I don't catch her. I do not wear makeup myself, and I'm definitely not allowing my 9 year old to wear any. I had to run up to her school to bring her PTO candy order form in since it was due today. It just so happened to be picture day. As I was meeting her in the lobby, I noticed glitter all over. When I asked her what in God's name she was wearing, she replied, as casually as possible "It's just makeup, Mom. It's really not a big deal.". 

I have a tween. A tween who just so happens to act JUST. LIKE. ME. Well played, Karma. Well played. And mom, if you're looking over us, I'm sure you're getting your laughs in. Now I know what I put you through. I'm sorry!!!!

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