Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did I mention that I hate football?

I know, I know. How unAmerican of me, huh? Well, it's 100% true. In my house, football season is full of loud shouts, tempers flying, curse words spewed (more so than usual), it's just awful. My husband is a HUGE Patriots fan. Which means he absolutely HATES the Giants. Me? I don't care either way. I learn more towards the Dolphins. Why? Because my father is a Dolphins fan, so as a child, I would route for them. Now, I just love the colors.

As you probably know, the Giants have now beaten the Pats twice in the Super Bowl. Well, twice in a row. My husband was NOT happy at all. And every time they play together, he swears up and down that he will never watch football again if they lose. As a matter of fact, they don't even have to play against each other. If the Pats lose ANY game, he's mad. If the Giants win ANY game, they "cheated". Whatever. I couldn't care any less than I do now.

As an example of his dislike of the Giants, we'll take today's game. Giants versus Redskins. Redskins WERE winning. Sometime within the last minute of the game, the Giants got a TD. Guess it was the winning touchdown. Anyways, Cruz started doing his little celebratory dance. What does hubby do? He sits up quickly, turns to me, and yells "Change the channel! Right now! That's ridiculous. Change it!!!" So, I change it to CBS to wait for his Pats game. As the commercials were on, he sat in the chair, mumbling and grumbling about how Cruz should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. That is one thing I DO know about football- that "practice" was banned. But whatever. I still don't understand how they can deem something excessive. Isn't every one's idea different? If they got a touchdown and just put both arms up in victory, my hubby would say that was excessive. That's how much he loathes them.

On the other hand, we're now watching Pats game. Jets got the first touchdown of the game, he was pissed. Yelling, shouting, grumbling, all that. Pats quickly follow suit, and now the score is tied. Here's hubby in his chair "YEAH!!! GO GO GO GOOOOOOO!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, BABY!! YEAH!" Whether they win or lose, I'll hear all about this game until the next one. Then I'll hear about how unfair every thing is. Whether they make it to the Super Bowl or not. And then I'll hear all about it in the off-season. Did I mention that I hate football? As proof that I don't pay mind to football, ever- I had no idea that the Pats actually had people dressed up as patriots at their touchdown area. Hubby informed me that they also have cannons and that they shoot them off. That's new to me. 

Whether I hate football or not, I still support my "favorite" teams- the Dolphins and the Patriots. I buy Dolphins things for my father for Christmas- wallet, mugs, things for his car, etc. I buy Pats stuff for my husband- wallet, clothing, even custom made cloth diapers for G so daddy can get her excited about football. Also, because that's one less thing I have to hear him complain about. Sure honey, I'll root for the Patriots. Just shut up when there's no game on, k?

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