Friday, October 19, 2012

I am so drained

I took G to the doctors earlier today. Our appointment was for 10:00. I got there at 9:45, and we sat in the waiting room until 10:40. Our doctor is amazing, and he's well liked by everyone. When people call to make appointments at that office, they ask for him. Dr N was my pediatrician as a kid, and I am happy to be able to have him as my children's pediatrician now. Apparently, everyone else thinks as highly of his as I do, too. We were a 'squeeze in', so I knew it would take some time to be seen. I hoped that by getting there early, that we would have been squeezed in earlier. Oh well.

It came down to Dr N determining that G has bronchitis, and she likely has an infection in her lungs, which is why her cough is so yucky, and why she isn't getting any better while on the Albuterol. So, she is now on Amoxicillin for 10 days, Pulmicort for about a week (twice a day), and still the Albuterol (3-4 times a day). We go back in a week to see if she's any better. Thank God her spleen is okay, so we don't have to worry about that just yet. 

I am so drained with G being so sick all the time. The bills are starting to stack up. I can't get a job because there's no one who can watch G that has the knowledge of her condition. I'm doing all I can to save money. I am so physically drained as well. I am exhausted, tired, sick, depressed, etc. I need my baby girl healthy, and I need all these stresses taken away. I just need help. I need someone to come and help me with my kids so I don't lose my temper. I need someone to help me keep this house picked up. I don't even have the energy to pick up the toys after the kids play with them. And they know I don't have the energy to chase them down to pick it up themselves so they know they can get away with it. I haven't cooked dinner in, well ... I have no idea how long. I'm just lacking all motivation for everything. I'm tired of friends and family coming over to supposedly help, but all they want is something out of it. "Oh hi! I wanted to stop by and see the kids. I missed them so much! By the way, got something to eat? I'm starving. Oh, and there's a stain on my shirt. Can you wash it?"

NO! I can't do any of that! I'm too tired. For once, I would love someone to come over and say "Hi! I wanted to come over and see you and the kids. Do you need anything? You look like you could use a nap. Why don't you take one while I watch the kids. I'll even wash the dishes for you and make dinner. I'll make sure the kids pick up their toys, too." Okay, maybe I'm asking for too much. But I need a little bit of help, seriously. Financially, emotionally, physically, etc. What's the number to Super Nanny??

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