Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, what a day.

Gianna has been sick for a while now. Cough, wheezing, just generally crappy feeling. And because she has HS, she is 10x worse than the typical child. What this meant for us is, early AM wake ups. I don't mean 6:00, or even 5:00. G decided that 4 AM was a WONDERFUL time to wake up. FOUR IN THE MORNING. Now, if I were a normal person and went to bed early, then this wouldn't be a big deal. But I don't go to sleep until close to 1:00. Also, we cosleep. Both forms- she starts the night off in her pack and play next to my bed, then wakes when I go to bed, where we finish the night up in my bed.

So, Monday night (or technically Tuesday morning), she woke at 4. Played in my bed while I tried my hardest to stay awake to prevent her from falling off the bed. Finally, at about 5:30, she looked over at daddy, and decided to curl up with him, and out she went. Last night (or this AM), she woke at 4. This time, she didn't go back to sleep until closer to 6:30. I am supposed to be up at 7 to get my older 2 ready for school whatevah Needless to say, that did NOT happen.

Finally, at 7:30, I rolled out of bed. I had to drive my husband to work so that I could have the car in case the specialist wanted to see G at their office- an hour and fifteen minutes away. Yes, I took him while only in my PJs. Who cares? I wasn't impressing anyone. Besides, my hair was more frightening than my jammies were. I'm sure my wonderful morning breath would have shut anyone up who dared to say something.

Long story short, came home, kids left for school, tried to put G back to sleep for a few hours. She refused. Decided it was time to just give up the fight, and carry on. I called the Dr at 9:30, then took care of business. By 1:00, I still didn't hear back from the doctor, so I called again. This time, I left a semi-angry message. When they FINALLY called back (at 2:45), I was advised to just take her to the ER. So, we went. And sat there from 3 until 6:30. It was packed, smelly, loud, and full of things I never want to see again.

My poor, poor little Gianna. X-rays were taken, nebulizer treatment was given, and still no improvement. On the bright side, she does NOT have pneumonia as the ER doctor thought. We're still hesitant on diagnosing her with asthma, though the signs are all there. We left with 2 prescriptions- Albuterol, and a liquid steroid. Hopefully we'll see improvement real soon. I'd hate to see her fighting this for the whole fall/winter season. 

At any rate, I'm sure I bored you all enough. It's 10:15, G is FINALLY asleep, and I am ready to just kick back, and possibly play some Call Of Duty with the hubster. If you have any ideas for another blog, please let me know. I'm not very good with coming up with ideas. 

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