Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can't imagine what today's going to bring

AJ has been up since 6ish. When I got up at 7:30, he was running around all over the place, hyper as usual. My husband looked exhausted as he was leaving for work. It was a struggle before school again today. He's sneaking money. Granted, it's his own, but he's trying to bring it to school without my permission. He was bringing it for ice cream. In Kindergarten, they have ice cream day once a week. His class's day is Thursday. I reminded him of that, and he had a fit. Which reminded me to give him his medication. I gave him his pill, then wrote in his notebook to his teacher: "Rough morning. He's mouthy and overly emotional today. Hope he's calm by the time he gets to school." Hopefully he behaves for her. 

AJ used to take MMA classes. He met a little boy in his class and has become good friends with him. He has a little sister who is just a week younger than my G. We go over to their house so the kiddos can play together, or she comes over here with her daughter so Gianna and A can play together while the bigger kids are in school. We also meet up at the mall so that they can play in the play area there. Tonight, we're going out to dinner with them. It is the little boys birthday. He is turning 5. I'd hate to cancel because it's not a huge party. It's just them and us. But if AJ continues to act up, I'm afraid I'm going to have to. Or, I'll just leave him at home with Dad. He can't come as he has prior obligations. But that would be the ideal situation if he continues to act up. 

As of right now, G and I have some cleaning up to do, and waiting around. Someone is supposed to come to repair our couch. Because AJ jumps on it when he's upset, some of the seams have come out, and the stuffing is spilling out. We also are supposed to be meeting someone so they can buy some clothes from us. I did not even get the clothes together yet. Oye. Busy day.

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