Sunday, October 14, 2012

Running on E

"Sleep is for the weak" ... screw that. I enjoy my sleep. Last night, I went to bed at 3 AM. Yes. Three. So technically, this morning. And I woke at 7:30 because little G does not seem to care that Sundays are for sleeping in. The older kids were at Grandma's house, so I couldn't even blame them for waking her. She just decided that 4.5 hours was more than enough for me. Actually, 3 since I woke multiple times. Regardless, no sleep makes for a very not fun mommy. I brought her downstairs at about 8:15ish when I realized that she was NOT trying to go back to sleep. By 9:30, I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. I laid down on the couch, and closed my eyes intending to just rest my eyes. When I woke up about 15 minutes later, G had gotten into a messy diaper and .. well, I'm sure you can figure out what she did. It was not pretty.

We had a play date set up for 12:15, so we got up (or rather, I did), and jumped in the shower. Normally, I hate showering with my kids. They get in the way, they whine, they complain the water is too cold or too hot, etc. Not G. She makes the silliest faces when the water goes over face. She loves to just stand in the water with me. She also helps to wash herself, and my legs and feet. Finished up, got dressed, did my hair, got ready to leave. 
Our local mall has a small area for kids to play in outside of Burlington. It's not huge, but it's great for the kiddos. It's soft, and there are plenty of things to do. My friend met me there with her little girl, A, who is just a week younger than G. They played for over 2 hours while my friend and I talked. About our kids (both of our boys were in MMA class together, which is how we met), about our husbands, about everything. It's nice to have a few hours to do nothing but talk. Adult talk. Not baby talk. They were gone for a week, so we had a bit of catching up to do. After the babies had enough, we went for ice cream, and chatted for another half hour. A has just learned to walk, so she was showing off her walking skills. I love little wobbly first steps. Oh so cute!!! After ice cream, we headed our own separate ways. 

Home for G and I, where hubby was busy making dinner. I enjoy days where there isn't much expected out of me. I feel so run down, so exhausted. I need these days off just as much as someone who works outside of the home. When I left to go get AJ and Sofia, I left G at home. It was nice to have a car ride where there were no kids whining, or crying. Just silence. I was actually able to listen to a whole song uninterrupted. And sing along with it without someone telling me I suck at singing lol 

The kids are eating dinner now, hubby is watching the Pats/Seahawks game (go Pats!), and I am just chilling. Soon, I'll be heading back out to see my friend and her husband. Did I mention they're chiropractors? Oh man. I have no idea why it took me so long to get an adjustment. I love it and feel SO much better afterward. If you don't see one, I suggest you check one out. In the meantime, would you check out my friends' sons FB page? He's 4, and trying to make a difference in our community. It would mean the world to him if more people were supportive of his efforts. I'm not sure how to put a clickable link in here, so you'll have to copy and paste if it isn't clickable.

I cannot wait until bed time. I hope G goes to sleep easily!

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