Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14- 30 days of being thankful

Day 14:

I am thankful for my warm bed. Last night, I started thinking about just how lucky I am to actually have a bed. A nice, warm, cozy bed. I don't use it enough, that's for sure. Going to bed at 2AM and waking at 7 (if I'm lucky). 

Yes, it's a bit materialistic, but last night, as I was laying down and trying to fall asleep, I was thinking about how it sucked when we didn't have a bed years ago. We slept on the floor on top of a bunch of blankets. We've also had air beds. Each one popping after only a few days. Those things are not meant to be used full time! I'm just thankful that we haven't had to worry about that for a long time. We actually just bought new beds in February. King size for Anthony and I, since Gianna sleeps with us. And a new twin size for Sofia. AJ will be getting his new bed this coming Feb. I think we'll be getting one for Gianna as well. She's sleeping most of the night in her pack and play, so we may try a crib soon. In the mean time, I enjoy snuggling with her in my nice, warm bed.

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