Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4- 30 days of being thankful

Day 4:

I am thankful for neighbors. My husbands car hasn't been working for a while now. He's out tinkering with it every now and then, but he can't figure out what exactly is wrong with it. I'm not entirely sure what the issue either. All I know, is it doesn't start. Which means he can't park it on the other side of the street for alternate side parking that we have here. He's gotten one warning ticket so far. He went to rent a U-Haul today with a car tower thingy on the back so he could bring it to a friends house.

Well, let's just say the truck is huge and not easily maneuverable. There was a car in the way, which made it even harder for him to back up into the car to put it on the trailer/dolly thing. He went to knock on the owners door to ask if they would mind moving the car so he could get his out. They weren't home. So now he has this brilliant idea to pull into the driveway, then reverse out and in front of his car. I should probably add that the car was parked in the street, in front of our house. The driveway is shared between us, the next door neighbors and the guy behind us (In-law house, I think it's called). We can't use the driveway because of the guy behind us. Needless to say, there was no way the truck would have been able to get in front of the car the way he was thinking.

Anyways, I'm on the porch, laughing because I knew it wasn't going to work. But I let him try. After a few times, I went over and told him that no matter how much he goes in and out of the driveway, no matter how much he turns the wheel, it's just not going to work. This is when the neighbor came over. Him and I chuckled a bit at how he thought it was going to work. But, he suggested to hubby that he remove the dolly, and just work on getting the truck in front of his car. They unhitched the dolly, placed it in front of his car, and that's when I went inside. It's 30-some degrees here. I was NOT standing outside any longer than I needed to. Next time I looked outside, the car was gone. Until we get the money to repair it, I will not see it. (Anyone want to donate so I can have my car back, instead of having to share it with him!?!?)

So, for all of your help, neighbor, we appreciate you!!!

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