Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8- 30 days of being thankful

Day 8:

I am thankful for all of my crafty friends. I am not crafty AT ALL, but absolutely love things that are hand-made (hint-hint winky). A few of my favorite WAHM businesses to buy from are (in no particular order): The Crafty MonkehHand Made From The Heart Gifts, and The Ladybug Lounge.

Each one of those WAHMs are dedicated to their customers. They are not huge shops, and are based out of their homes. I have bought bibs, a custom blanket with Gianna's name and birthday on it, a diaper bag personalized with her nick name, matching tops for my girls, and much more from The Ladybug Lounge. I've bought pants, skirts, boo boo packs, and much more from The Crafty Monkeh. I currently have a Giraffe hat for G on the way, and a Cookie Monster hat for AJ coming soon. 

I just recently placed 2 orders with Hand Made From The Heart Gifts- a Hello Kitty hat for Sofia, and crochet booties for Gianna. I cannot wait to get them and let you all know how well they are made! I went to school with the owner of that business, which makes me feel even better about ordering from her. 

It's a good feeling when you purchase from WAHMs. You know you're helping a mom make ends meet. Or helping them to provide extra things for their children. They're often doing this as a hobby, something to do to help their husbands who are working full time jobs. Or even they themselves are working part time, and need a bit of extra cash to help out. Either way, I love knowing that my money isn't going to some random factory worker. I love that my money is 100% going to who I'm paying. So, to all of my crafty friends, THANK YOU!!!

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