Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Days 25, 36, 27

Yes, I missed a few days. Quite honestly, I am so thrilled that the month is almost over. I never thought it would be THIS hard to find 30 things that are blog-worthy to be thankful for. So, without further ado, let me try to whip these ones out.

Day 25:
I am thankful for the 24.5 years I had with my mother. I wish I had more, and I wish those 24.5 years were more pleasant than they were, but I am so so happy that we spoke before she passed away, and I was able to tell her that I love her. I miss my mother more and more every day, and cannot even begin to tell you what I would give up to have her back. She's missing out on Sofia growing up, and she isn't here to help me out with AJ. And Gianna? She'll never meet her. Mom and Sofia had such a close relationship. I honestly think Sofia took the news of her death harder than I did, if that's possible. She was the light of Sofia's eyes, and vice versa. I never thought that my children would miss out on a loving relationship with their Grammy. I am thankful that they did have the short time to know what she loved them dearly.

Day 26:
I am thankful for Facebook. Because of Facebook, I have been able to keep up with family and friends. I have made some AWESOME friends as well. Friends that I would have never have known if it weren't for FB. I've also met some people that I thought were my friends, but turned out to the be the absolute opposite of friends. I've connected with people, I've found out the truth about others, I've killed time playing games, I have a safe place to store (and share) pics. And so much more. Sure, I complain about FB all the time. It sucks, no doubt about that. Changes every other day practically, but seriously, it's much better than MySpace!!

Day 27:
I am thankful for heat. Seriously, it's snowing outside today. But it's nice and comfy in here! The heat is cranked up to 75, and it will probably go up even higher later on. NY is seriously not the state for me. I need warmth. Not this 30 degree crap. Give me 70s and sunny, and I'll be happy.

So, there you go. A 3-day catch up post of what I'm thankful for. Why didn't I think to consolidate a few days at a time? It would have been much easier!!!

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