Monday, January 21, 2013

Captain Destructo strikes again

Gianna and I woke up this morning somewhere around 10. Since the kids were off school, it was a nice, much needed, extra 3 hours of sleep. I *NEVER* get to sleep in, so I was so very thankful that my children were courteous enough to let me sleep in. Boy, was I so very wrong.

My first tip off that something was wrong was the fact that ALL the lights were on upstairs. There are 2 sets of lights in our bathroom, one near the tub (which stays on all night) and one by the sink. Both sets were on. Then the hallway light, which is pointless to have on during daylight hours because the window on the stairwell provides more than enough light. The last light on was his bedroom. Overhead light, along with his nightlight. All of those lights being on means that he was up earlier than he needed to be, and that he was in a  hurry to get downstairs so he failed to turn them off behind him.

When I came downstairs, I saw him sitting in the recliner, looking all sweet and innocent. First thing out of his mouth? "Mommy? I love you." ... oh crap. What did he do? Well, it didn't take long for me to find out. Behind the chair, on the floor, was my wallet. Now, my diaper bag is kept up high enough where he can't reach. Or, so I thought. This means, the child climbed up the recliner, to the high chair, and up to reach the diaper bag. Surely he didn't do that, right? Maybe Anthony went looking to see if I had any cash so that he could get lunch with it today. When I asked AJ, he admitted that it was him who took my wallet. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Didn't you learn already!?

Please excuse the mess. This is what he created in an attempt to get to my wallet and hide it from me. It was sticking half out from under the recliner when I found it.

I was not happy. So, I sent him upstairs to his room. After a few minutes, I thought to myself "Why am I just letting him sit there? He should be doing something!". I remembered the punishment I was given in school when I spoke out of turn, or when I forgot homework. I got out a pen, and a few sheets of paper. I wrote on the top of the first paper "I will not touch what isn't mine." I took it upstairs to him and told him I wanted him to write that out 20 times. And he will sit there as long as it takes to write it all out. I did not expect it to be perfect. He is only 6, after all. But I didn't tell him that. I told him I wanted it nice and neat. 2 pieces of paper, front and back, and 1 hour later, this is what I got.
We need to work on his handwriting.

After he was done, we discussed why we don't take things that don't belong to us. It was also at that time that I noticed what else he did. Since he told me he was hungry, I got up to get him a bowl of cereal. I noticed, as I moved the Cheez-its out of the way, that the BRAND NEW box was just about empty. He ate more than half the box this morning! Not only did he eat them, he cut the box all apart. It was barely standing up alone because of all the cuts and missing pieces. 

Not only did he cut the box of Cheez-its, he also cut the recliner, a blanket, and Anthony's Yankees hat.
I was one pissed off mama. 
I decided to implement his punishment, finally. He was sent upstairs to the bathroom where he was going to clean the tub and the sink. First, I had to look up on my friends FB for the recipe for bathroom cleaner. All I have is Clorox. While I was pissed at him, I still didn't want him using such harsh chemicals. I do love the smell of the Clorox cleaner, but it's even way too strong for me to be right in it. So, after mixing some baking soda, water, and vinegar, a bit of lemon juice and some Tea Tree Oil, we were he was ready to start.

I did not make him climb and reach the very tops of the shower. I did, however, make him scrub scrub scrub what he could reach. He spent about 30 minutes scrubbing the hell out of the shower. Believe me, it was way past due for a good cleaning. While he didn't get EVERY single spot off the tub or the sink, he did a damned good job. Though, this may have been a punishment fail. He said he enjoyed cleaning it and wanted to do it again. Oh well. At least my house will be nice and clean.

I just hope Captain Destructo takes a hiatus and doesn't strike again. The 31st is only 10 days away. I. Can. Do. This.

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