Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday!

I just have to start off by saying, I am the MASTER hacker. Poor Ange. I changed her birthday to today, and also changed her sex to male. All day yesterday, I kept seeing the notifications pop up on the side of the screen "Ange also commented on his status". It was the best hack ever. I did that late Friday night, right before I went to bed. I also put up a funny status to distract her from the fact that I changed those things. This morning, I woke up and immediately checked FB. When I read her status, I laughed so hard that I woke up Gianna and Anthony. She wrote " is NOT my birthday and I can't change it because you just did. Seriously????" That seriously made my morning. Then it only got better when I saw this status from her, "Kristen, I am going to HARM you. All these sweet people taking time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday and it ISN'T my birthday. Start explaining yourself." Hahahahaha

You know what was even better? When she dedicated a blog post to me. Okay, so it was only the ending, but still. It really did make my day. I am going to have a FANTASTIC day because of this. I do so love Ange, and I am so glad I have her password :-p

AJ's birthday is on Tuesday. He'll be 6 years old. We have to pick him up from Grandma's house today. Before we get them, we are going to stop at Walmart and pick up a cake. Yes, that means we have to walk with it. That's okay. We'll get a small one, celebrate at Grandma's then come home. I would love to do something for his actual birthday, but Sofia has a concert that night for both band and chorus.

Gianna is coming down with a cold, again. We just got over another really bad cold so I hate to see her sick again. She was just starting to feel better. Oh well. This is the Winter cycle for her. Sick for 4 days, well for 1. Sick another 4 days, well 1. We may catch a break and have her well for up to 3 days, but that's rare. We'll see. Since the car is messed up, it means we'll be spending much more time at home. More time at home means less time out in public, around sick people. Hopefully we'll manage to not get too sick this Winter. I'd hate to have to somehow find a ride up to Syracuse in a hurry.

I am hoping for a calm, peaceful Sunday. So far so good. We'll see how later plays out. Happy Sunday!!

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