Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a tad bit bored

Today was semi busy. I spent the majority of the morning and some of the afternoon at a friends house. Once the kiddos started getting whiny and showing signs of tiredness, K brought me back home (seriously this no car issue sucks!). I thoroughly enjoyed the adult time, and enjoyed getting out of the house. Once home, another friend stopped by with her daughter for a little bit. The kids played while we chatted.

Once they left, it was just the family. We ordered a pizza, I did some online shopping, paid some bills, and then they got ready for bed. It wasn't the worst day ever. I'd go as far as saying, that for me, it was a pretty good day. AJ didn't act out much. We had a minor incident with back talking, but that was quickly put to an end.

My excitement for the day? Finding out that our cable bill had a $10 charge on it for a movie we didn't order. What movie was it, you ask? Well, it was an adult film. Supposedly we watched this on Sunday night, at 9:13. Now, I'm sorry, but my children WERE awake at that time. Getting ready for bed, but still awake. I do not watch pornos, and I would NEVER watch one with my children around. That is just wrong wrong WRONG. I explained this to the man I was chatting with online. Yes, I chose the "chat with someone" option. My phone has issues, and I'd rather it not hang up when I'm trying to get this fixed. I explained that this was impossible, and I want it off my bill IMMEDIATELY before I call a supervisor. He took a few minutes, but he came back and removed it. Ugh. I understand that some people enjoy watching porn, and that's fine. I, on the other hand, find it degrading. No thanks. I'd rather not see.

It is now almost 11:00, I am looking into more companies to review and possibly offer up giveaways. Any suggestions? What would you like to see?

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