Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I just want to cry

Welcome, 2013. Thanks for bringing your crappiness with you. Already. 

My car won't start. It's not the battery, because the radio will come on, and the windows will go down. No idea what it could be. Of course, because Christmas was just here, we are 110% broke. We have no credit cards because, well, our credit isn't that great. We are screwed. Anthony has to work tomorrow. The only way he can get there now is either walking, or riding his bike. In the summer, that wouldn't be that big of a deal. But it's winter. There is snow on the ground, and freezing temperatures. This is just awful. 

And what makes it worse? Our town has alternate side parking. All cars must be on the proper side of the street by 5pm. Since tomorrow is the second, an even day, all cars need to be on the even side of the street at 5. It's almost 4:30 now, and we're still on the odd side. Since the car won't start, we can't get the car on this side. We have a driveway, but we share it with the neighbors on the side of us, and the guy behind us. Which means, we can't park there. We can't even use the driveway, ever, because of this. That means that I'll be getting a ticket every other day because I can't move the car to the right side of the street. I believe parking tickets are $10. So, that leaves potential for 15 tickets a month, as long as they come and check every night. Not to mention, if you don't pay it within X amount days, it goes up to $20. And if you don't pay it for another few days, it goes up MORE. So, I'm looking at AT LEAST $150 a month, as long as I pay the ticket immediately. I seriously don't know what we're going to do. We won't have any funds until our income tax is filed and comes in. Which will take even longer now, because we need a ride to H&R Block. 

Ugh, okay. I guess my rant is over. Here's to hoping that was a fluke because I really need to get some groceries! I'm starving!!!!

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