Monday, January 7, 2013

Vitacost giveaway coming up soon!

I have been in touch with a company called Vitacost. Perhaps you've ordered from them? Or maybe you've been meaning to, but haven't yet had the chance. If so, you're in luck. I will have a $25 credit for one lucky winner!!

If you aren't familiar with, I suggest you head over there and see what they have to offer. The name implies vitamins, but they have so much more! Vitamins for kids, gluten free foods, baby lotions and baby foods, diapers and wipes, cleaning supplies, even makeup! They have just about EVERYTHING!! It's all pretty reasonably priced as well.

If you use this sign up link, you will get $10 credit towards a $30 or more order. Feel free to check out the site, sign up, and stay tuned to the giveaway. I'm still working out the details, but I am hoping to offer the giveaway soon!

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