Sunday, January 6, 2013

Contest winnings fun

During the summer, I entered a pic of my husband and Gianna in the pool in a contest. We won first place (woot!) and won $1,000 to This was the thrill of my summer, and I was ecstatic when we won! Seeing that it was for such a large amount, and I received a LOT of help from my Facebook friends, I decided to give back a bit.

First things first, my friend Ange has a beautiful little girl who happens to have Down syndrome. They participate in the Buddy Walk every year. So, we decided that we would encourage people to donate by offering some official Team Beauty Queen gear. T-shirts, coffee mugs, and magnets. It was sort of a bribe. But, it worked! Team Beauty Queen raised money, and the 'prizes' were encouraging. I don't remember the exact amounts, but for $25 or more, we offered a t-shirt. I am happy to say that we had a lot of t-shirt orders because of donations! It was a great way to spend my winnings!

I then used a bit more for t-shirts for my friends son's foundation. You can find them on Facebook here. He is 5 years old and trying to make a difference in our community. His recent endeavor is to help a family adopt a baby. I used some of my winnings to purchase some shirts for them to sell to raise money.

The last little bit, I'm using for myself. I used some to buy a coffee mug for my father from the kids. I put the picture of him and the kids on Halloween. I'm also in the process of uploading all of my pics from FB over to Snapfish so that I can have them in print. Now, I just need to find a photo album to keep them in. They still make those, right??

If you won $1,000 to Snapfish, what would you do with it?

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  1. That's really awesome. You did a great job making it count. :)

    -Rebecca Alms


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