Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No sleep makes for a cranky Kristen

Last night, Anthony and I attempted to go to bed early. We usually don't go to bed until close to 1, sometimes 2. Then I lay in bed for another hour or two. Since the goal was go to bed early, I thought I'd benefit from this. At 11, we headed up to bed. By 11:45, hubby was starting to drift off. By the time 12 came, he was out and snoring. Where was I? Wideeee awake. Nope, early bedtime not helping. At least when I'm downstairs, I'm pretty tired by 11 (like now). 12:15 came, and Gianna started to wake up. This was a game for her. When I started to get up to get her out, she laid back down. Up, down, up, down. At 12:30, I gave up on the game, and just took her out.

By 1, she was ready to play. Not happening. Mommy is tired, and would like to sleep. Lay down. Every time I told her to lay down, she started crying. Bawling her eyes out, crying. Some crocodile tears, some real ones. But the crying was heartbreaking. I cuddled, I nursed, I rubbed, I changed her diaper, I rocked, I SHHHHHHHH'd ... NOTHING was working. By 2, I was beat. I just wanted to go to sleep, and I was fighting the urge to just go to sleep. I nodded out here and there, but never completely out. I begged some more, rocked again, rubbed more, patted again. Nothing.

3:00 came, and I was done. DONE. I was tired, miserable, and really just needed to go to sleep. I was over the games. Over the crawling all over the bed. I was headbutted 3 or 4 times. I was slapped. I just wanted her to go to sleep. At about 3:15, I told her "You WILL lay down, or you WILL go back in your crib." Apparently, that got through to her. She laid down on my lap (I was semi-sitting up), and she crashed within 10 minutes. I let her lay like that for a bit longer, just to make sure she was REALLY asleep, and then moved her up to the pillow. FINALLY I was able to sleep. I was so looking forward to this. At 4, she slapped me awake. I shushed her, and she went back to sleep.

My alarm went off at 7:00 this morning. Before my alarm could even go off, Gianna was up and ready to face the day. Great. Wonderful. NOT. She was on the go until about 9:30ish. At that point, I could NOT keep my eyes open any more. Instead of napping on the couch and hoping for the best, I decided it'd be best to take her upstairs, and lay down with her. I gave her some melatonin at 9, so I was hoping it would have kicked in by that time, and she'd be ready for bed. Not happening. 10 came and went. It was close to 11 when she started showing signs of being tired. Around 11:30, she was out. I curled up next to her, and off to dreamland it was. But by 12, she was done. No more nap. Thanks, G. Mommy was so ready to be up. UGH

This has been a trying day. I am exhausted, but of course, there is no way possible I'd be able to fall asleep right now even if I tried. Tomorrow is going to be an extremely busy day, so I'm not holding out hope for a nap for me then either. Oh well. Soon ... I hope.

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